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Great for

  • Eating out
  • Schools
  • Childcare
  • Gym and fitness
  • Internet access

Not great for

  • Clean & green
  • Peace and quiet
  • Shopping options

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Susie Weaver real estate agent
Susie Weaver
LJ Hooker Canberra City
23rd May 2020

"I live and breath Dickson"

I have lived in a little side street, one block from the Dickson hub for nearly 20 years.Raising a family here has been easy and safe. We have loved its proximity to the City and surrounds and our neighbours. Dickson has some of the best restaurants and cafes in Canberra. The skyline is changing quickly, with high density living, appealing to many different people. Easy access to public transport the light rail and buses. Other attractions and services, Dickson wet lands, dog friendly ovals, well maintained walking and bike tracks and the community.
Cons - at busy times it is hard to find parking and it is paid parking, so don’t get caught out.
The local supermarket is one of the busiest in Australia true! so avoid it if you can after work and on Saturdays.Over the years there has been an increase in drug related crime. Be cautious around the Dickson hub particularly at night, and take the normal steps that you would in any City to stay safe.
If you are looking at relocating here and need some help please get in touch
[email protected] or 02 62497700

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"The Two Sides of Dickson"

Dickson is located 4 kms north north east of Canberra. Dickson was registered as a suburb in 1928 but it was not settled until the 1960's. The large houses on leafy streets distinguish the suburb. This is due in part that it was occupied by Canberra's original airport. This space is now the library and various ovals.

The main shopping precinct is the Dickson Centre. It can be a dangerous place with undesirable types hanging around the supermarket 24/7. There are also a variety of other shops, an ambulance station, the Dickson Baptist Church and office buildings.

There are secondary schools in Dickson but no primary schools. There are many outdoor ovals which are used by cricket, soccer, athletics and rugby clubs as well as by the local schools for their fetes.

It is a suburb divided with two definite and opposite sides.

Great for

  • Close to the city
  • Nightlife

Not great for

  • Drug problem
  • Fire prone

Who lives here?

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  • Families with kids
  • Retirees
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