Planning to move from Sydney to Faulconbridge (Blue Mountains area)

Hello, ! family of 5 planning to move to Faulconbridge from Sydney. 2 daughters would be attending Springwood High School and both parents working from home.
I've read a lot of beautiful comments about the suburb and the area and the community and we are pretty excited about it. I was just wondering I those who have lived in the area would take some time to hit me with the worst Cons about their daily life and routines in Faulconbridge, and also why not the best advantages. We've been in Australia for 9 years but always lived in Sydney, so we are not familiar with the Blue mountains apart from a visit to Katoomba and a couple of camping trips.
I've noticed (via google street view :)) that some of the streets are a bit "untidy" like there are not walk path or kerb. Its not that I'm picky about that but it might a detail to take into consideration regarding the local council .
I leave this question for you all and any detail, comment and feedback would me greatly appreciated.
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