A home in Frankston North?

Hi Everyone,
I am a first home buyer and looking for a place to purchase for my first home. I am torn between buying an apartment closer to the city and a house with land further out.

Lately I have been looking at Frankston North as the house prices there are reasonable compared to most places.

I am aware that Frankston North hasn't had the best reputation in the past and everyone I know is telling me not to buy there. But none of those people live in Frankston North or Frankston.

I took a drive to Frankston North this morning and it is a beautiful suburb. Sure there are one or two people in Pajama's walking around the streets and a group of ladies in activewear walking around with cans of what looks suspiciously like beer. But I could live with that.

I want to hear it from the people living in Frankston North what it's like living there and whether you would advise buying into Frankston North or not and why.

Thanks and i look forward to hearing for you.
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