Why is Jannali cheaper than other Shire suburbs?

Jannali seems cheaper than most other suburbs weve looked at (not complaining) in The Shire.

Were looking to move to The Shire from the inner west to upsize to accomodate our growing family & get more bang for our buck.

We love how quiet, peaceful, leafy & affordable Jannali is & with its village/station (express city trains) I cant work out why its cheaper comparatively? Granted it doesnt have river views, but thats not a deal breaker for us & the waters not far away.

A couple of suburb reviews Ive read (the vast majority rave about Janalli) alluded to an underlying red neck/bogan culture? However any time Ive been there Ive always found everyone to be super polite & friendly??

Can anyone help me please???
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