What daytime activities are churches in Kedron running for the elderly?

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Samaritans are a group of volunteers associated with the parish who hold activities in the Parish Hall on Tuesday from 10.00am till 12 Noon during school terms only, for the frail, aged, disabled and homebound. Activities include art, craft and bingo. About 30 members attend with about 15 helpers. Volunteer helpers provide transport, assist those who need help, prepare morning tea, teach art and craft. A Parish Morning Tea and Craft Sale is held yearly to raise money for the Franciscan Mission. Volunteers are always needed and welcomed. For information: contact Fr Stephen, Jill Crawford or the Parish Office – 3357 6640.
Meals on Wheels Parishioners have been involved with Chermside Meals on Wheels kitchen for over 35 years. Monthly on the 4th Tuesday they are responsible for providing cooks, drivers and assistants to help prepare and deliver meals to 140 people. The usual commitment is a few hours every two months. They always have fun and welcome new members. For information: contact Deidre on 3356 4108.
Family Groups are about sharing the good, the bad and the normal times and by so doing developing a sense of community and extended family. They are about loving in the way Christ commanded us ... to love one another as He has loved us. Family Groups enables us to live in faith in our everyday lives. Family Groups aims to let you get to know other members of the Parish, support each other, sharing in the joys and the sorrows. They aim to provide example to, and involve our children in our Christian sharing, and help build and promote community spirit within the Parish. For information: contact Sonia Abbott on 3269 8446.
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Homely.com.au.

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