we have been looking for houses and OH used the atm at kings langley and found that he was denied funds

when he enquired with his bank it said that he had been in an area of fraudulent activity so his withdrawals were limited to 200
anyone see this as the norm?
what is the best way to find out about criminal activity in a suburb? police or insurance companies?locals have varying experiences and tend to paint a favourable pic of their suburb i find

thanks guys
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elipatterson 2yrs+
Firstly, I am very sorry that you had an unfavourable experience in Kings Langley, which is considered a premier suburb by many. Kings Langley Shopping centre is home to 4 ATMs; Westpac, NAB, St. George and CBA. All 4 of these banks have some very tough anti-fraud rules that ensure no money is taken by criminals.

One of the procedures that they follow is that if you have recently used an ATM in a suburb where ATM fraud is happening regularly, banks may choose to limit the amount of money that is withdrawn.

For example, if you visit the CBA ATM in Quakers Hill, and the bank found fraud to be happening there, they would limit your transactions to $200 or $300 for about a week and monitor your account.

Locals know the most about crime in the area, and I have been a Kings Langley resident for nearly 14 years and can vouch for absolute safety in Kings Langley.
The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of

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