Is Kingston Beach a good place for a sea change?

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We moved from the UK and are in our late 40's. It truly is paradise:beautiful beach,wonderful walks,lots of wildlife,kind and friendly neighbours ,good local restaurants on the beach and old fashioned fish and chips ! Kingston shopping centre 3 minutes up the road with everything you need without having to go into town. Easy access to the beautiful Huon valley. Beautiful countryside,great farmers markets and a mean organic cider bar and restaurant called Willies! Very peaceful and I feel very safe here,with the option to 'live it up; in town 20 minutes away should one wish. Transport is very good and regular, we catch the bus to work in Hobart ,2 minutes walk away and drops us off on the beach in the evening. One point is one has to be flexible job wise as with such a small population there are not as many job opportunities as the mainland. Iti s an exciting time to be in Hobart now with dark MOFO,MONA,Ten days on the island and more food and arts festivals than you can shake a stick at! A new multi million dollar Myers with food courts and high end deli's etc and a large new development with restaurants,bars and shops being developed on the Wharf in the harbour, all in all pretty perfect , we only wish we had done this ten years earlier !


One note of caution to my above comments that relate to Tasmania in general;if you need to earn an income make sure you have a job set up before you come to Tasmania. Full time permanent jobs in certain professions are very hard to find. My husband is in the university education sector ,in the two and a half years we were there it took a year and a half to get a job at UTAS and even then it was very poorly paid and only on a 3 month revolving contract basis. After a year and a half of this and watching the stress levels go up and our funds go down, we realised that in order to not go under we would have to leave. We are now on the mainland with very good well paid jobs consummate to our professional experience. Tasmania is now flavour of the month with house prices to match;it can be the dream but make sure you go in very well prepared,retired or with a lot of cash to sustain your lifestyle there;good luck!

The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of

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