Finding Suitable Housing for Seniors

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Members of the ageing population face a number of decisions, and one of the most challenging is finding suitable housing. When living situations change, different options in senior housing are available to accommodate them. 

If seniors are not able to continue living independently, whether the reasons are financial or physical, this doesn’t mean that they automatically need assisted living facilities. They may want to look into semi-independent places to live.  

What Are the Options?

Some senior housing is found in manufactured homes, generally the same size as a studio or a one-bedroom unit. These homes can be on their own property, or on that of family members. Some seniors would like to live close to their relatives for the sake of convenience, but would prefer not to live within the existing family house. 

If seniors live close to relatives, they can gain the support that they need without the added expenses of private care. They can also maintain their independence, especially if they have always been self-reliant.  

If seniors live close to their extended family, they can maintain more contact with children and grandchildren than they would be able to if they lived in a different area of town, or in a different city.  

 Looking at all options for senior living is the best way to ensure your loved ones are happy and cared for. 
Looking at all options for senior living is the best way to ensure your loved ones are happy and cared for. 

Senior Housing Benefits

Senior housing for those who do not need assistance is more cost-effective than it is for those who need physical assistance in their daily lives. Houses that are the right size for seniors may be less expensive than larger homes. There are various financing options available. 

If a member of the ageing population owns his own home but wishes to move into a smaller house, it is sometimes possible to use the equity in his own home to help in financing a smaller house. 

Another option for seniors is renting out their old homes. By doing so, they can make enough money to pay for their smaller housing choice. It is still helpful to have family nearby for routine maintenance and upkeep of the rental home. 

Temporary housing for seniors in the form of manufactured cottages can be moved when they are not needed any longer, which makes them easier to sell. There is less stress on the senior member of a family to live close to children, who are within easy reach if they need help with something. 

The Challenges of Senior Housing

Temporary, manufactured cottages for seniors cannot be placed on any lot in any city. It depends on the zoning codes in those communities. Some areas do not allow temporary structures on lots, whether they already contain a house or not, so as not to attract more temporary dwellings to the region. 

Seniors Are Living Longer

As Australia’s population ages, more seniors live healthier, longer lives. Thus, there is more a need for senior housing than there was in the past. State and local government agencies, along with zoning commissions, should be told about the need for semi-independent living for seniors, so that they recognise the growing need for alternative housing. 

If you are looking for more housing options for your loved ones, ask a local expert in the areas you are interested to see if there are the appropriate facilities. You can ask your question here

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