Using Concrete for Decorative Flooring

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There are many choices for flooring inside your home, and one of the most popular trends is using concrete for decorative flooring. When you think “concrete”, don’t picture a sidewalk or a driveway in your mind. Decorative concrete can be personalised, painted, coloured and stained, and there are nearly limitless colours and designs for your home.

Concrete Flooring Does Not Need to Be Boring

Whether you decide to have your concrete floor done with micro-toppings or overlays, or have it painted or acid-stained, it provides a unique look for your home. Concrete flooring is not boring, since you can have saw cuts, patterns, textures and colours added to bring your home new life.

Concrete flooring gives you the opportunity for unique designs and the colours are so natural that they blend seamlessly with all the other elements in your rooms. People may not even realise that they are standing on concrete.

 Concrete floors can have a big impact on the interior of the home whilst looking very elegant. Concrete floors can have a big impact on the interior of the home whilst looking very elegant.

Why Is Concrete so Popular for Flooring?

There are many reasons why concrete floors are a popular new material:

  • They are easily maintained.
  • They enhance the architectural design of your home.
  • They work well in areas that experience snow.
  • They are easily changed. If someone buys your house or you get tired of concrete floors, you can easily add wood flooring or carpet over the concrete.
  • They work well for people with allergies, since they don’t hold in dust, dirt or pet dander.

Polished Concrete Does Not Need Waxing

Polished concrete is quickly becoming the ultimate in flooring materials that do not require waxing. With new polishing techniques and equipment, contractors can grind floor surfaces, old or new, to high-gloss finishes. They do not need to be waxed or coated. That’s one reason why concrete floors are often considered to be alternatives for linoleum, tile, granite or marble floors.

Since concrete polishing is done in several steps, you can choose for yourself the sheen level, from high-gloss to satin. This will meet your aesthetic and maintenance requirements, making versatile concrete floors an ideal material for many applications.

Learning about Decorative Concrete Flooring

Speaking to a local contractor who sells and installs concrete floors, you can learn the basics of polishing, the differences found between dry and wet polishing, and the many advantages of concrete when you compare it to other floors like vinyl tile, natural stone, ceramic tile, wood and carpeting. You will also be able to compare pricing of concrete floors, and what various factors affect the cost of the flooring and installation.

If you are looking for a local contractor, visit our ask a question page and ask a local expert agent who they would recommend in the area.

Your contractor will prepare the concrete surfaces in or outside your home before he polishes it, to ensure the best results. Various shine levels can be accomplished on concrete, and they range from mirror-like finishes to low gloss floors.

When you factor in the superior performance and durability of concrete, it’s no mystery why more homeowners are taking to this trend. While it was originally used in offices, retail and warehouse settings, it provides homeowners with attractive alternatives to linoleum, tile, granite or marble. When you have these floors stained and polished they can create nearly any look you want in your home.

The Homely Team
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