How to Repurpose Furnishings to Save Money

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Old furnishings were sometimes made with greater care than the furniture available today. You might be surprised at how many older pieces you can repurpose and include in the design of your new home. 

From Frumpy to Fabulous

Old bookshelves or dressers that are sitting around getting dusty can actually be repurposed into useful furnishings that you’ll be happy to display in your house. Rather than taking sturdy, older furniture to the thrift store, it can be used as an integral part of any room. 

Lovely buffets can be created from dingy desks. Some are from dorm rooms and some are old office furniture, but any of these pieces can be remade into useful pieces with imagination and creativity. The elegant buffets can be created with just enough money for supplies. The rest is done with your own two hands – or the hands of someone handier – to lend new beauty to your home. 

  An old bench can be reshaped and sized down which allows repurposing as a stunning bookshelf. 
 An old bench can be reshaped and sized down which allows repurposing as a stunning bookshelf. 

Furniture with Vision

Can you create a bench from a bed? It doesn’t seem likely. It takes a lot of vision to make this transition. Using a distressed, old headboard along with an old end table, you can make a bench that might be used in the sunroom, or for reading. Lay a cushion on it and toss a few pillows atop it, and you’ll have a piece that is gorgeous and unique, says She Knows. 

Do you drink a lot of coffee? You’d be surprised to find out that a baker’s rack can be transformed into a coffee station. You may have to remove chipped paint from the baker’s rack, but after some effort, it can be a very different piece. 

  Create different displays for your morning coffee enjoyment. 
 Create different displays for your morning coffee enjoyment. 

From Trash to Treasure

An old coffee table with its dings and dust can be repurposed into a cute little book caddy for kids. All it takes is a little work and some chalk paint, and you can transform a discarded coffee table into a wonderful addition to a child’s room. 

Making a bathroom vanity from a dining room buffet gives an old piece of furniture new life. Just use a bit of paint and some time, and you can transform the buffet into an elegant vanity for your bathroom. 

Keep Your Eyes Open for Opportunities

It may take some practice, but you can envision new purposes for old furnishings when you see them. You can take an old desk and transform it into two great nightstands simply by removing the centre area and drawer. Changing the colour is optional. Some older pieces look great when they are re-stained or restored. 

Do you have an old table that has a broken leg? Shelf tables don’t need legs. You can make a shelf table by cutting the table in half and mounting it on your wall. A hinged leaf in an old table can be laid down when you don’t need it, so the shelf will be a space saver, too. 

With just a little bit of DIY imagination, you can make hand me downs or flea market finds into pieces you can use to uniquely decorate your home with your own sense of style. 

  Benches for bookcases and rocks as ornaments- the possibilities are endless. 
 Benches for bookcases and rocks as ornaments- the possibilities are endless. 

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