Making the switch to LED lighting: Is it worth it?

Simon Mundine
3 min read

What’s at stake when illuminating your home? The incandescent soft white of the past is just that, as the LED pushes its way forward to brighten up our homes at half the cost. But for some, it takes a little more convincing. After all, you’re leaving behind a familiar friend, the old-fashioned tungsten light bulb, the one that provided the warm glow in the living room – and on a cold night, who doesn’t like a little nostalgia?

 For sale: 6 Bensen Avenue, Toorak, VIC For sale: 6 Bensen Avenue, Toorak, VIC

So, is it worth the switch?

Lighting uses a lot of power. In fact, it can contribute a lot more to your power bill than you may suspect. The LEDs, which were as much as $30 a pop, have now fallen dramatically in price as the manufacturing of them has progressed. You can also find literature out there suggesting that making the switch to an LED lighting system can save you around $120 to $130 in replacement costs and energy bills per bulb. So, in the dollar context, making the switch is difficult to argue.

 For sale: 5 Banksia Avenue, Noosa Heads, QLD For sale: 5 Banksia Avenue, Noosa Heads, QLD

But incandescent light has that warmth about it

It sure does. But comparably, so does the LED. A lot of people are still a little gun-shy of changing the light bulb after experiencing the harsh light emitted from the compact fluorescents (CFLs), back in the day.

A bulb’s colour temperature is measured in Kelvins. The incandescent light bulb, known for the soft light it projected into a room, would have a colour temperature of about 2700 K, replicating an early sunrise light. Whereas, on the other hand, the CFL, known for the harsh blue light that it emitted, would measure in around 4500 K, almost twice the amount. This would replicate direct sunlight or a camera flash – something that would normally cause us to reach for our sunglasses. In effect, the cooler the light, the higher the bulb would measure in colour temperature.

Now enter the LED and we’re back to a comfortable 2700K, much like our old incandescent friend.

 For sale: 23 Dellview Street, Tamarama, NSW For sale: 23 Dellview Street, Tamarama, NSW

The ceiling’s the limit

The versatility of the LED is as limited as your imagination. Technology has advanced and so too has the light bulb. The LED can do things that a standard old-fashioned bulb can’t do. There’s a certain elegance to an LED, particularly when they’re recessed into the ceiling or display cabinets.

LEDs also come in various forms, including the floodlight and spotlight, directional light and omnidirectional light. At the end of the day, it’s a buyer’s preference, but one that isn’t limited.

You also have the option of Wi-Fi connectivity, either through your smart devices or smartphone, and coupled with several hues of colour to consider, you can make the night when it’s your turn to entertain, just that little more personal.

 For sale: 227 Ramsay Street, Haberfield, NSW For sale: 227 Ramsay Street, Haberfield, NSW

If the redecorating, entertaining and gadget playing isn’t enough, take heart when you sit back and enjoy your new LED lighting addition. Bask in the replicated sunrise glow, knowing that It’ll be another 10 years before you have to contemplate ever changing them again.

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Simon Mundine

Simon Mundine is the director of LED World. Based in Sydney, Australia, they specialise in commercial lighting, retail lighting & lighting design.

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It is worth, especially when various state governments are offering rebates on upgrading to LED lights.


Surprised many of the reviewed items don’t include lux figures.
Some LEDs are really crappy.
Nothing like having a LED item that looks great and barely illuminates.

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