6 reasons to choose roller shutters to protect your home

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4 min readIf you’re an Australian homeowner, you’ll already be aware of the high level of domestic burglaries around the country, and seeing as your home is a large investment and contains all of your prized personal possessions, it makes sense to organise a suitable level of home security.

While there are video surveillance, smart home technologies and state of the art infrared alarm systems, the best way to protect any property is by creating an impenetrable barrier at all access points.

By installing roller window and door shutters, your home will not only be protected against forced entry, the sleek units will also complement the property and add value when it comes time to sell. Key advantages and considerations when installing roller shutters include:

Aesthetically pleasing

While it is essential to have adequate home security, the appearance of the home does not have to be compromised. In fact, with the right product and right installer, roller shutters on the windows will add a touch of elegance to the property.

Bespoke creations

It matters not the style or shape of your windows, as made to measure solutions enable any window size or shape to have roller security shutters added, and with the roller mechanism contained in a streamline fascia, the shutters look like they belong by matching your home’s exterior.

Your local supplier will be able to recommend a design that is in line with the overall look of your property and ones that’ll give your home maximum benefits.

Thermal & sound insulation

Bespoke roller security shutters offer a lot more than a secure impenetrable barrier, as they help to maintain a cool temperature in those hot summer months, something your a/c unit and power bill will be very thankful for.

Also when in the closed position, the shutters will reduce external noise. This is the ideal solution for a shift worker who needs to sleep during the day, for those who live on busy roads or near a noisy train line. With made to measure roller shutters in place, that barking dog or noisy lawn mower will no longer be an issue on weekend sleep-ins or during the little one’s nap time.

The insulation properties also benefit you in the winter, helping to keep the warmth inside your home. With glass being one of the main sources of residential heat loss, another layer of thermal insulation dramatically reduces heat loss through the windows.

 Image: Eurotec Window Shutters Image: Eurotec Window Shutters

Protection from the elements

If your region is prone to cyclones, bushfires, hail or severe storms, roller shutters provide the perfect protection for both windows and doors. This type of protection is ideal for coastal and bushfire prone areas, and with a special coating of durable enamel, the surface is guaranteed not to fade, rust, crack or peel. The wide range of colours allows you to easily complement the look of your home, while also ensuring the longevity of your windows and doors and top-notch security.

Roller window shutters not only provide an additional layer of protection from the elements and home invasion but also protect against accidental window breakage, from a stray cricket ball for example.

Don’t forget the doors

It’s pointless providing protection for the windows if the doors are not protected from intruders, and the wonderful thing about bespoke solutions, is any type of door can be fitted with a roller shutter, and whenever you and the family are away for that much needed holiday, you can be sure that your home remains intact and secure.

Motorised solutions

As one would expect in this era of automation, there are motorised roller shutters available that offer smooth and silent operation, and with the tracking mechanism in a protective box, the system is well-protected against the elements. This means that the shutters can be finely adjusted, and there are manual systems that incorporate a small winding handle that is inserted into one end of the fascia box, making for effortless operation if required.

For most Australians, their home is the biggest single investment they will ever make, and it makes sense to protect that investment in the best possible way. With so many additional benefits, one would be hard pushed to find a better home security system than roller shutters. Having your home protected in this way really is a fit and forget solution, and wherever you are, at any time, you can be sure that the contents of your home are safe.

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