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Delah Gomasi
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For most of us, home cleaning is a real drag. It takes more time than most of us can spare, a whole lot of effort and energy, and involves getting our hands dirty (literally and figuratively!). Nevertheless, household cleaning is important for maintaining a sanitary living space and keeping your home looking its best.

Now that we’ve established why home cleaning is a must, let’s figure out how to make it less of a drag. Believe it or not, there are a number of fun ways to clean your house. It can actually be a feel-good activity if you combine it with other activities you enjoy and have the right mindset. So, if you’re wondering how you can make house cleaning less of a chore, here are seven awesome ideas to help you out.

How to make home cleaning fun

1. Listen to audiobooks.

Yes, it’s the 21st century and we no longer have to visit the library or book shop every time we’d like to read a new book. Today, thousands upon thousands of books are available at your fingertips in the form of audiobooks. This is perfect for anyone that wants to multitask or simply rest their eyes while catching up on a new series from their favourite author. So, for those of you who dislike cleaning, listen to an audiobook while you’re at it and you will surely feel differently. What’s more, if you refrain from listening to audiobooks on other occasions (i.e. when you’re not cleaning), you’ll be motivated to clean more often since you’ll be eager to find out what happens next in the book.

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2. Blast some tunes.

Particularly when doing something that requires physical labour, music is the perfect tool to keep you feeling upbeat and motivated. Just like gym-goers that listen to workout music when they train, you can make your own, feel-good cleaning playlist to keep you singing and dancing about as you clean the house. The best part about playing some loud tunes when cleaning is that you get to sing at the top of your voice without caring about what you sound like, so much fun!

3. Have a phone cleaning buddy.

If you and a friend share the same sentiment toward household cleaning, consider doing it together, separately. In other words, agree to a time for both of you to go about cleaning your respective homes and talk to each other while you’re getting through it. You can use a hands-free device when doing this; just avoid getting the phone or microphone of your device wet when washing bathrooms or utensils. This is a great way to get things done because you are more motivated to clean while enjoying a good conversation with a dear friend. You could even make a friendly competition of it and see who gets the most shirts ironed in 10 minutes or who does the most steps while sweeping.

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4. Make a workout of it.

Since cleaning involves being on your feet and moving around, for the most part, it can actually serve as a good workout. The constant movement, combined with lifting and moving things around, helps burn calories. What’s more, with some music in the background, you can dance around and really make a workout of it. You could use household objects as dumbbell substitutes (such as canned goods, bags of groceries or milk bottles), do extra squats when cleaning the shower and do dips in between tidying the table using your dining chairs. There are so many opportunities to get fit as you clean.

5. Get the family involved.

Although every household member is likely to have different schedules, there are times when you can make up a cleaning schedule that works for everyone even the kids (particularly on weekends). The best part about cleaning with family is that it is not only more fun, but it really speeds up the entire process, as lots of hands make light work. So, if you have a family that’s spending all their free time staring at a screen, have them help you out. Take the initiative to make it more fun for them with music and some healthy competition like cleaning against the clock, verbal games and offering rewards when all tasks are completed.

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7. Compete with yourself.

Competition should always start with yourself. It keeps you motivated to do better and often achieves desirable results. So, when you go about cleaning your house, try to be faster and more efficient than you were the last time by finding new and innovative ways to clean. Where is the fun in that, you ask? Well, the real fun lies in the self-satisfaction of breaking personal records by completing cleaning tasks quicker and more efficiently.

Don’t let home cleaning get you down anymore. Get the most out of our tips on fun ways to clean and we guarantee that you won’t regret it!

Delah Gomasi
Delah Gomasi is the director of Maidforyou. Maidforyou is a two-sided marketplace for residential cleaning. Founded in 2014 Maidforyou has completed over 30,000 domestic cleaning jobs in Sydney alone. By offering flat prices, a satisfaction guarantee and a commitment to lightning fast customer service, Maidforyou aims to provide the absolute best service or your money back.

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