How to tidy up quickly and effectively

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Everyone is more content in a neat and tidy home, but this can be quite a task, with the busy lives we have today. It can be especially difficult if you have young children. No one wants to spend hours cleaning house, but housekeepers are expensive. 

Cleaning Doesn’t Have to Take Forever

You might be surprised at how well you can clean your house, without spending a lot of time in the process. You will want to become more efficient, so that less time can be spent, and your house can still look great. Once you prioritize, you will be able to get your house clean quickly, and move onto things that are much more enjoyable. 

After you set up a cleaning schedule, you will still need to do the occasional deep cleaning, but the basics can be done more quickly. You will feel like you’re on top of the situation, and you won’t be overwhelmed like you will be if you put off your cleaning.

Easy Steps to a Clean House

  • Make a quick tour of the house and pick up glasses, bowls and other dishes you may find. End tables and night tables are common places to find stray glasses and plates, if you or your family spends time in other rooms snacking. Just place the dishes in the sink for now, unless the dishwasher is empty and ready to use.


  • Get a clean trash bag, and make a thorough perusal of the house. Pick up excess papers like unneeded receipts, fast food wrappers, old school papers and the like. This is a trash-gathering step. You don’t need to wipe off tables yet. 


  • Use a laundry basket for your next step. Breeze through the house, and find anything that isn’t where it belongs. You don’t have to place all the toys, pillows, schoolbooks or magazines away just now, but put them all in the basket now so they’ll be all together when you’re ready to place them where they belong. 


  • Once you have everything in the basket, turn around and empty it as you go from one room to another, until everything is back where it should be. Vacuum all the carpeted areas, says The Stressed Mum.


  • Grab a bottle of glass cleaner and clean fingerprints on light switches and door handles. Clean table tops. Clean the bathroom mirrors. Wipe the counters and sink in the bathrooms, and do a quick toilet cleaning while you’re there. 


  • Hit the kitchen next. You’re still not doing deep cleaning, but make sure the dog bowls and chairs are moved so you’ll be ready to mop. Empty your kitchen trash into the trash can in the garage or outside. 


  • Mop the floor last. String mops work well, although some people like foam mops.  Forget the bucket except for deep mopping. For everyday mopping, use a floor spray or all-purpose cleaner. Look for spills and high traffic areas. Steam mops work well for this step, too. 

Take a look around and see how good your house can look with minimal time spent. Laundry can be done on a pre-set schedule. Schedule deep cleanings as you need them. 

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