More Simple Ideas to Organise Your Home

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Getting organised can be expensive or inexpensive, depending on the way in which you approach it. Perceptive retailers understand the need to organise, and are happy to provide many products that are helpful in organising your home. However, you don’t need to spend a lot to become better organised.

Organisation Is a Process

You can use specialised products to aid in your organisation goals, but they are not required. Organising your home and life involves effort, thought, time and motivation. You won’t find any of these factors on sale anywhere.

If you are frugal and want to organise, you’ll learn how the process works. You will organise first, then measure and if you decide to buy helpful products, you’ll do that last. Magazine storage is one such problem. If you have stacks of magazines on your living room tables, you may be tempted to head out to buy magazine racks. These are helpful, but they don’t eliminate the clutter – they just relocate it.

 Being organised is a process, a lot has to do with how much you're willing to spend.  Being organised is a process, a lot has to do with how much you’re willing to spend.

Frugal Organisers Know the Steps to Organisation

First, you will sort the magazines by type. Keep the newest ones and the ones that you and your family use for reference. Then put the rest in your recycle bin. For the ones you decide to keep, measure bookcases to see if they can be stored there. Only after you assess, sort, plan and measure will you go shopping for products to help you organise.

Well-organised people can find solutions for organisation everywhere. Keep your eyes open for free ways to organise things in your home, and keep an open mind in creating solutions from free or inexpensive items.

Use Free Items for Storage

If you shop at stores where they use packing materials to hold people’s purchases for pick-up, you’ll find many potential organisational tools. Check with the manager or a member of the stocking crew to find out whether they have any boxes or moulded packing pieces in the sizes you may need.

Produce boxes with sections can be used to hold items to be stored in the basement or attic. Wine cases that have dividers can work well on your wines at home, just as they did for transporting wines to stores. You can also use these protective boxes to store holiday ornaments.

Recycled packing items can give your frugal efforts a boost. Mothers with young children may use packages that originally held baby wipes to hold toys that include many pieces.

Boxes that are made for bottled water work well for recycling newspapers, and they can be flattened and recycled themselves, so they serve a dual purpose.

Think Creatively When Organising

Organisers who are frugal are great at thinking outside the box. Plastic boxes with dividers and lids come in many different types, and some are cheaper than others, even though they serve the same purpose. One type of box can serve as a thread-holder, a box for nails and screws or a fishing tackle box. The department in which they are purchased will affect the price.

Frugal organisers are very adaptive in their storage ideas. They can take ideas from expensive storage products and find inexpensive – or free – alternatives in which to store things in their home, to keep them out of the way until they are needed.

Most importantly, when it comes to organising at home there are no rules. Ensure that you think creatively and never throw anything it without thinking about if it can add value and assist you in more simple living.

You can keep a track of some further organisation tips here in our local conversation.

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