Space saver tips to control your closets!

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Closets and storage areas don’t need to be bigger if you know how to use the space you have in an effective way. There are plenty of easily-installed products available that will allow you to use every inch of space you have for storage.

Inventory Your Storage Items

Start by making a quick inventory of the items that need to be stored. Choose the best accessories to accommodate these items. The scope of accessories can be broadened, so you’ll have helpful assistance in every room where it is needed.

When purchasing storage products yourself, check to be sure that you have any basic tools needed for installation. They may be included in the packages of some storage solutions, but this is not always the case. If you are putting together the items yourself, ensure that they are simple enough for you to do.

 Having effective storage space for your clothing items makes it neater and that much easier to find what you need.  Having effective storage space for your clothing items makes it neater and that much easier to find what you need.

Kitchen Storage Areas

Kitchen areas usable for storage are a great start in your organisation plans. Create some dedicated storage for every work area in your kitchen. Cooking areas need space for utensils and cookware, cake and cookie pans, bowls and your mixer. Kitchen cabinets may be made more functional by using pull-out drawers or shelves.

Garage Storage

Be sure to include space in your plans for exercise and sports equipment. Keeping equipment and bikes off your floor and on racks will keep them up out of your way when you are in the garage.

Install cabinets and shelves in your garage where they will not interfere with car doors. If you have an attached garage, install a shelf or table at waist height. This is a very handy place to set things down as you empty out the car after grocery shopping. Alternatively getting hooks put on the wall is a good way to hang things out of the way and prevent clutter.

Closets that Work Harder

Closets today have to work much harder than they used to. Segment the spaces in your closets to make them more efficient. Use clothing poles, cubbyholes and shelves at heights that will keep everything easily within reach. This eliminates wasted space below shirts and makes it a lot easier for you to see your entire wardrobe.

You may have a standard or walk-in closet, but they can both be made more easily accessible. It should be quite easy to grab an outfit and shoes from the closet every morning. Closet systems can be helpful in making a place for everything that needs it.

Sort through your wardrobe before you spend a lot of money on shelving for your closet. There is no one-size-fits-all set of poles or shelves for any closet. Your chosen pieces will depend on what you are storing in your closet. Group similar clothes together so you know exactly what you need to store.

Clothing Categories

Clothes can be organized into categories, based on how much room they take up if hung from poles. Bathrobes, overcoats and long gowns take up the most space. You probably have very few pieces like this, so that pole only needs to be a foot long or so.

From clothing to shoes, make sure you check how much space you will need before you buy any storage accessories. Then they will be able to work better for you.

You can find out local suggestions and contribute your own space saving solutions on Homely here and stay tuned to our twitter stream for up to date space saving images!

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