5 handy hints for maximising storage in kids’ bedrooms

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As any parent will tell you, having proper storage in kids’ bedrooms is not just desirable, it’s essential. After all, kids need space and practical storage for all the different areas of their lives, including school, sport, outdoor play and hobbies. To accommodate all these various aspects, a mix of storage solutions is undoubtedly the best option – think a combination of drawers, shelves and hanging space. It’s also important to consider adjustable storage to keep up with growing kids and their changing needs.

Handy hints for maximising storage in kids’ rooms

Handy hint one: Declutter and plan.

Peter Ricketts from 7am Wardrobes says that when designing kid-friendly wardrobes, it’s the same as creating an adult wardrobe – planning is key.

Before sitting down and starting to plan, Peter recommends decluttering and getting rid of any outgrown or damaged clothes and unused toys.

‘Think about what you need to store and how your child can most easily access those things, then come up with a wardrobe design that meets those needs,’ he says.

Handy hint two: Modular is best.

Modular wardrobe design is excellent for flexible storage, easily able to accommodate a combination of drawers for folded clothes, socks, etc.; open shelving for larger folded items, shoes, books, toys and other things, as well as hanging space. Especially focus on making it all easily accessible for kids.

Open shelving is ideal for easy access and helps to minimise the mess by making it easy for kids to find what they need and to put stuff away. Toys, books and anything used regularly can be stored on lower shelves. Adjustable shelving is ideal for adding flexibility to your design as your child grows and their needs change. A long shelf, running along the top of the wardrobe can be useful for storing items that only require occasional accessing, such as seasonal clothes and sports gear.

In some wardrobes, hanging rods can also be adjustable to cater for changing needs – this is generally only in those wardrobes with a full carcass, rather than just sliding doors. A double hanging rail can be great for when they’re small and removed later on as the child gets taller and their clothes require long hanging space.

When it comes to drawers, think small and shallow. Lower drawers make it easy for kids to find what they’re looking for without upending the entire drawer and making a big mess. Keeping clothing in short stacks in shallow drawers means they don’t have to rifle through piles and less re-folding for parents. And even if they do mess up the clothing in their drawers, it will generally stay in the drawers, rather than ending up on the floor where it becomes unclear whether it’s clean or dirty.

5 ways to maximise kids storage modular robe
Image: 7am Wardrobes

Handy hint three: Hassle-free = clutter-free.

Once you’ve cleaned out your kids’ wardrobes and have a plan for organised storage, how do you make sure all your hard work doesn’t go down the drain? The key to getting and keeping kids on board with keeping wardrobes tidy is to make it really easy for them to do this.

If possible, it’s a good idea to incorporate other small storage organisers within the wardrobe, such as baskets and storage bins – anything that makes it easy for kids to put their things away. Hooks on the back of wardrobe doors, or even directly next to the door, can be a good place to hang hats and bags. Essentially, hassle-free equals clutter-free.

Also consider colour and finish – while a bright, colourful wardrobe might be perfect for young kids it’s not necessarily a look they’ll love as they get older. Stick to neutral colours and finishes, or a timber-look veneer. Add pops of colour with storage bins, baskets and other removable storage accessories.

If you have space, it may be worth incorporating a study nook. A dedicated study nook with an integrated desk and shelving is a great and cost-effective way to create a functional homework space that will see your kids from pre-school through to university.

maximise storage kids rooms study nook
6 Bowillia Avenue, Hawthorn SA

Handy hint four: If kids need to share a wardrobe, opt for a symmetrical design.

What about sharing a wardrobe? It’s not uncommon for kids to share a bedroom, and therefore a wardrobe. To minimise fights and disagreements, a wardrobe with a symmetrical design can be a good idea and means that each child has their own identical amount of storage space.

Handy hint five: If in doubt, talk to the experts.

If you’re not sure what you need or what the options are, then it’s a good idea to talk to a professional wardrobe installer.

‘Sometimes you’re too close to see what you really need,’ says Peter, ‘we are designing and installing wardrobes every day of the week, so we have a good understanding of what’s generally needed and what works well.’

So, there you have it – our top five handy hints for maximising storage in kids’ bedrooms. Having a cleverly-designed, well-built wardrobe can make a huge difference to family life. Research shows that clutter and mess create a stressful environment so if we can eliminate the clutter, it stands to reason that not only will family life be smoother, it will also be less stressful for everyone.

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Nicole Wesley
Nicole Wesley is the Communications Manager at 7am Wardrobes. Based on Sydney’s northern beaches, 7am Wardrobes is an exciting new entrant in the wardrobe market, offering made-to-measure, great-looking wardrobes at an affordable price.

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