How to choose the right rug for your space

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4 min readInterior decorating is key to creating a welcoming living space. Just one key piece in the right position can make an entire space come together.

An important interior decorating choice you need to make is what rug you should buy, so it’s crucial that you know what kind of rug will work best in the room you’re designing before hitting the shops.

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Floor rugs are becoming more and more popular as having stylish hardwood floors is in fashion and a preference for a lot of house hunters. These decorative and functional pieces can make or break the way you design a room. There a few things to consider when you’re looking for a rug to make the best possible purchase.

What room is it for?

Dining room rugs, living room rugs, entry way rugs, they all serve a different purpose. If your rug is going in your living room, you’ll want something that’s warm and easy on the feet that people feel welcome to socialise and chill out on. Check out hand-woven wool or ultra-thick shag pile varieties to up the cosy factor.

Look for a dining zone rug made out of a hard wearing and durable material so it can cope with the heavy day to day foot traffic and any accidental spills it sees. For a formal living or dining area you might want to go with something a bit fancier such as a handmade Persian rug.

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What’s your budget?

Much like anything in life, if you don’t have an idea of what you’re going to spend before you go shopping, you’ll probably overpay. When considering buying a rug, base your budget off how much you spent on the other furniture in the room. So if you want a new rug for the entry way, but the only furniture it has in it is ten pairs of dirty shoes that never seem to leave, maybe go for a cheaper rug that can cope with dirty shoes.

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What’ll the maintenance be like?

You may find a gorgeous rug that’s just what you dreamed of, and it may fit a room exactly how you wanted, but will it stand up under a cleaning? Some expensive rugs are made of materials that fall apart under soap and water, and some have colours that run when wet.

Your best bet is to look for a rug made of wool, like the ever popular Viss rug. These rugs are made of wool and have a geometric design that works well as an elegant and colourful centrepiece of any room.

Wool rugs will cater to heavy foot traffic, so they’re perfect for busy areas of the house such as hallways and living areas. Sometimes it’s better not to spend too much on a floor rug, since it doesn’t always mean it’ll last long and look great at the same time.

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Is it trans-seasonal?

Imagine that it’s summer and you’re redecorating. You throw some new frames on the wall, get a new couch and fall in love with a new jute rug to go under your coffee table. It may all look great together, but when fall comes, ask yourself ‘will it still look right?’.

Thinking ahead to how your rug will affect the feel and design aesthetic of your room when the seasons change is just one of the important questions to ask yourself before going out to buy a rug.

If you can find one that’ll work in your space all year long, you’ll save yourself time and money in the future. And you won’t have to worry about rolling it up every couple months to replace it with a different rug stashed in your basement.

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When it comes down to it, the rug you choose can help sell your house if you’re on the market and at the very least will pull the design of a room together effortlessly.

To ensure you make the right choice think about the room the rug is intended for, budget requirements, maintenance concerns and whether it will work in different seasons. Once you have these considerations checked off, you’ll know how to find the best rugs for your home.

For more decorating ideas take a look at the 4 hottest rug colour trends this season.

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