One of the most common complaints from people looking in the property market is that their house lacks spark. It feels stale and drab compared to that feeling they had when they moved in.

Today we suggest some simple ideas, that whilst not overly complicated, may be able to give you that new home feeling. 

1. Change what you have around: It’s all too easy to go and buy new stuff. However a lot of the time you don’t have anything wrong with the stuff you currently have. This means you don’t end up throwing out what you have and just add more, ultimately making clutter and mess. Therefore change the art you have around the house and give what you have a new place.

2. Change aromas: One of the easiest ways to change the vibe of a room is to change the aroma. All too often we end up keeping the same scent and it becomes stale. Try new candles and a new timed room refresher spray. This can do wonders to the feeling of a room.

3. Let in natural light: A common complaint people make is that they do not have natural light. Natural light can do wonders and is so much more powerful than lamps or down lights. Therefore, letting in some natural light by opening doors or adding a skylight can give a room a new dynamic. 

4. Use a theme: It is so tempting to use everything you have in one space, however most of the time this just doesn’t work. What it does do is leave a room feeling disconnected and lacking structure. Therefore, even if the chair you inherited from your great aunt is good, ask if it is right for ‘this’ space, if not, it may need to go in storage. 

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