How to give your windows a fresh new look & maximize natural light

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5 min readYour windows could do with freshening up, but you don’t want to spend a fortune, right? That’s ok! You’ll be relieved to know that turning your tired, sad-looking windows into a beautiful feature doesn’t have to do big damage to your hip pocket. In fact, you can achieve something stunning and stylish with surprisingly little outlay.

Before you rip down your existing window treatments or investigate replacing windows, take a good look at the windows themselves.


The fastest and best low-cost way to start the process of refreshing your windows is to give them a really good clean. You’d be amazed how much difference a thorough clean can make to not only to the look but to the amount of natural light that comes through them.

Windows are a prime area of the home that gathers dust, dirt and grimy fingerprints. So, get to work by giving them a good scrub!

Rinse the outside of the windows with your garden hose or pressure washer. Remove any fly screens. Mix up a solution of mild dish-washing detergent and warm water and wash them using a window squeegee. Rinse and use your squeegee blade to remove excess water. Wipe the perimeter of the window with a clean, dry cloth. Rinse off the fly screens and pop them back in.

Clean the inside of your windows using a fifty-fifty solution of distilled white vinegar and water. Spray the solution onto the window and clean using a dry cloth. Stand back and enjoy the sparkling clean benefits of all your hard work.

Wipe down shutters and blinds with a damp cloth to rid them of dust. You may even want to have fabric curtains steam cleaned to have them looking as good as new.


Are your painted windowsills and architraves peeling and shabby? That’s not hard to fix.

Start by sanding them back to remove any peeling paint, then fill any dents or chips with wood putty. Wipe down your window sill to remove any grime or dust. Then, give your windows a new lease of life by painting the woodwork with a fresh, light-coloured paint.

Dark colours absorb light and light colours reflect it. That’s something we all learned in primary school, but a fresh coat of glossy light paint can make all the difference to a room. Remember, the ceilings should always be lighter than the walls to elongate your space. Choose a light palette and gloss finishes and enjoy the difference: what was a dingy, uninviting space can be transformed into one that’s cheery and bright.

Added extras

Why not give your windows a fresh, new look by adding that extra special touch to enhance what’s already there? New tie-backs or a beautiful pelmet might be all you need. Get creative with decorating your windows – what about strings of artificial ivy, a cheery origami garland, candles dotted along the windowsill or display a collection of other ornaments that are special to you?

248 Old South Head Road, Vaucluse, NSW

When it comes to replacing the window treatments, there are plenty of budget-friendly and stylish ideas out there. What you need is something practical, trendy and functional.


Of all the options available, blinds would have to be one of our top picks! Available in a huge range of fabrics and colours, they are stylish just as they are, or you can dress them up with a pelmet. Dual roller blinds are a modern option that offers maximum privacy as well as light control. Simple, elegant and stylish…blinds are a winner every time.

31 Currawong Street, Noosa Heads, QLD

Venetian blinds

An all-time family favourite, Venetian blinds are never out-of-date. They’re practical, functional and chic, and they suit nearly any style of home. Timber, aluminium or synthetic, the choice of finishes means that there’s a perfect pick for your home.


If you’re wanting to make a statement, shutters are just the thing. Classic, timeless, beautiful, this is the way to take your windows from ordinary to extraordinary. Nowadays, shutters are available in wooden or synthetic materials and can be coloured to suit any interior design palette.

9 Bass Street, Port Hacking, NSW


Lace curtains and heavy drapes filter out a lot of light. Consider removing these types of curtains and replacing them with lighter window treatments such as sheers or shutters. If a measure of privacy is needed, translucent blinds allow light into the room while providing a decent level of privacy when looking in from outside.

Overgrown greenery

While trees and shrubs outside your windows provide a certain level of privacy, they may also be preventing natural light from entering your home. Take your pruning saw and hedge trimmer and give them a haircut – the amount of extra light entering your home can be surprising.

Reflective surfaces

Where possible, opt for reflective surfaces around your windows: highly polished floor tiles or floorboards, gloss paint, mirrors, and glass ornaments can add a real wow factor as well as helping to make the most of the natural light inside your home.


Not every room in the house can have a window, and that’s where skylights or roof windows can work their magic! By allowing light to pour down from above, you can flood any dark area with natural light and create a charming, light-filled space in any part of your home. Bedroom, bathroom, playroom, kitchen, a skylight allows natural light to be enjoyed anywhere.

32 Cascade Street, Paddington, NSW

By harnessing the power of sunlight in your home you can transform your interiors, and help reduce the bottom line on your power bill too. After all, natural is best and there’s no substitute for allowing extra sunlight to flood into your home.

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Louise Procter
Louise Procter writes for Complete Blinds, Sydney. Living by the beach, on the sunny South Coast of NSW she enjoys sipping a good strong coffee whilst creating articles that provide information and inspiration to readers to help them in their everyday lives.

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