Top kitchen trends in 2019

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4 min readAs the heart of the home and the hub of all activity, the kitchen is usually the starting point when it comes to home improvement. It’s the room that’s often frequented by family and guests, and it’s also thought to provide a good return on investment – so it makes sense to ensure the kitchen layout, and the fittings and fixtures are fresh and up to date. But what are the top kitchen trends of 2019?

Based on seeing thousands of kitchen renovation wishlists, Houseace, the popular Sydney-based home improvement service, has identified the hottest kitchen design trends of the moment. So read on and prepare to get some kitchen inspiration!

Find out how much it would cost to renovate or refresh your kitchen.

The top kitchen design trends for 2019

1. Two-tone cabinets.

Two-tone cabinets are a trend that we’re seeing everywhere.

Playful and stylish, they bring an interesting visual twist to the kitchen and are also a great way of drawing the eyes to a particular area. A good idea is to choose one set of cabinets to become a focal point, like the overhead cupboards or the island, and either pick an eye-catching or contrasting colour or a stylish finish like wood or laminate to use on them.

2019 kitchen trends two-tone cabinets
17 Arbour Street, Sherwood, QLD

White upper cabinets give an illusion of space and higher ceilings, whereas dark coloured upper cabinets can make a space feel cosy and warm.

2. Feature taps.

Long gone are the days of the plain kitchen tap!

As the tap is often one of the only elements in the kitchen that is not hidden from view, it’s no surprise that more and more people are choosing to make this hard-working piece a focal point. With a huge range of finishes and styles available, picking a tap is much like picking your work surfaces or cabinets.

Tap technology has also developed significantly in recent years. From instant boiling to filtered and sparkling water, taps can be extremely functional as well as fashionable.

For a glamorous but country-chic look, consider a brushed brass or rose gold tap.

2019 kitchen trends brass taps
9 Watercress Place, The Gap, QLD

3. Minimalist hardware.

Though materials and kitchen design trends, in general, are turning more traditional, we are seeing the contemporary ‘no hardware’ trend rising in popularity. Whether it’s no hardware or minimal hardware, lots of designers are choosing to fit seamless cabinets, with subtle edge pulls rather than the traditional knobs or handles, for a cleaner look.

Subtle, chic and minimalist, this trend may not be the most practical, but it certainly looks amazing.

kitchen design trends minimalist hardware
22 Hood Street, Yarraville, VIC

4. Integrated appliances.

As we just saw, minimalism continues to be a strong design trend, so it’s no surprise that appliances are becoming increasingly integrated for that seamless, chic look. Concealed and clean, integrated appliances put the focus on entertaining while creating a continuous cohesion with the rest of the space and cabinetry.

kitchen design trends 2019 integrated appliances
3/21 Eustace Street, Manly, NSW

5. Sustainability

With sustainability so very important in construction today, durable environmentally-friendly furniture and finishes are becoming a top kitchen trend.

Recycled or reclaimed materials are popping up here, there and everywhere, with cork detailing especially on the rise. As a completely biodegradable material – it’s a strong sustainable look that would work perfectly in a natural-look kitchen, whether it’s used for flooring or detailing.

6. Bespoke storage

Bespoke storage (in keeping with the minimalist theme) is another kitchen trend for 2019, with ceiling-high cupboards and overhead cabinets taking centre stage.

Luxury pantries and larders are also now must-haves in most new kitchens, again, adhering to the trend of concealing storage and tableware and keeping to a clean, cohesive aesthetic.

kitchen design trends 2019 bespoke storage
23 Holmwood Avenue, Anglesea, VIC

7. Kitchen islands

We love kitchen islands here at Houseace, and it seems most people agree.

‘The kitchen island is synonymous with a luxurious and sociable kitchen,’ says Mike Lavers from B&Q, ‘but if you don’t think your space or layout would suit an island, perhaps a peninsula would work better for you’.

‘Peninsula models work especially well in single wall or L-shaped layouts,’ adds Mike, ‘and as it’s attached to a wall, you only need to sacrifice access to one side of the kitchen’.

When it comes to kitchen island trends, adding storage into a kitchen island is becoming very popular, and lots of people are also choosing to extend the countertop over the edge of the island to add extra space for seating. Of course, statement stools are in fashion, as are low hanging pendant lights.

Extend your island if you’re short on space and you’ll eliminate the need for a table!

kitchen design trends 2019 island benches
36 Glencairn Avenue, Camberwell, VIC

So there you have it – the top kitchen trends for 2019! If you’re looking for kitchen inspiration or costing ideas, or if you’re ready to start your kitchen renovation or update, get a free, instant quote in just 60 seconds.

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Jonny Sommers
This article was written by Jonny Sommers, Founder of houseace, the Sydney-based home improvement platform. Houseace offer a range of services, from kitchen and bathroom renovations, to interior and exterior painting and general handiwork.

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