5 must have furniture items for 2016

Kate Smith
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Choosing the right furniture is all about making good investments. It’s about figuring out what you need, what will last, and, most importantly, what suits your style. Making those interior design decisions that declutter, and improve the look of your house will make coming home a joy.

If you’re renting, the furniture you buy may be the only way for you to leave your imprint and add personality to your house. So to help you organise, design and enjoy your home, here are five furniture investments you need to make in 2016.

A quality dining table

A good dining table will last and serve you for years to come. It’s an important part of your home for entertaining and day-to-day use, so you’ll want to invest in one that will be timeless, stylish and above all practical.

There are so many considerations when choosing the right dining table for your household. Like ‘What size suits the space it’s intended for?’, ‘What material would suit my decor?’ and ‘How many people must it seat comfortably?’.

An extendable dining table is a great option, and adds a minimum of two more seat placings for when those unexpected guests drop in.

You want a dining table that is high quality, durable and functional. There are many different style options; crafted timber tables are classic, but even the modern industrial-style dining tables will have a place in decor for years to come.

For sale: 167 Pacific Road, Palm Beach, NSW


A snuggle armchair

Buying a statement piece of furniture can be a lot of fun. You want something that stands out, draws your guests’ attention and sparks conversation.

A splash of colour, a distinctive pattern, an odd shape. It’s half-furniture, half-art. A snuggle armchair is the perfect foray into artistic furniture.

You want a piece like the snuggle armchair to be a focal point. If your lounge area is muted whites and greys, why not add a splash of yellow with a bright, comfy armchair?

Have a coloured accent wall? A patterned armchair with complimentary colours might suit.

Have a traditional Chesterfield sofa? Why not throw caution to the wind and purchase a frightfully modern armchair that looks more like a contemporary sculpture. Go wild, be bold and make a statement.

An organised book case

If you don’t have a bookshelf yet, or if you’re still using some planks of wood and some cinder blocks, it’s time to treat yourself to a real book case.

You’ve collected all those books, as well as some special knick-knacks and they deserve to be displayed neatly.

A well-planned book case can be a striking addition to your home. Colour-code your books and arrange photo frames, art and ornaments.

Try not to overload your shelving, but do include things that remind you of pleasant memories.

Adding any kind of shelving to your home is a good idea, especially when there are so many different styles. A corner shelf will take advantage of that space that goes unused, while a ladder-style book case is a more modern trendy option.

Whether it’s made from timber or metal, make sure your bookshelf is well-built so it’s made to last and isn’t a tipping hazard.

For sale: 70 Curtis Road, Balmain, NSW


A bed with storage

Your bed probably takes up the most room out of all of your furniture. It’s time to take advantage of that space. Storage beds used to be some of the more unattractive bedding design options.

Big, bulky and basic, you might think there’s no room for them in modern design. But interior designers have found that storage beds are a great hidden storage option for minimalist bedrooms.

Storage beds these days are smarter. They have cleaner lines and can be far more stylish. There are many options to suit your bedroom decor, from pine frames with built in drawers, to gas lift beds with upholstered diamond tufting bed heads.

Storage beds are not only stylish but will keep your bedroom neat and tidy and you can never have too much storage.

For sale: 30 Melaleuca Drive, Hamilton Island, QLD


Something you’ve built yourself

There’s something joyful about creating your own piece of furniture. In the Internet age, ‘But I don’t know how!’ is no excuse, when there’s plenty of ‘DIY know-how’ awaiting you. Check out Pinterest, watch some YouTube tutorials, find a DIY project and get building.

There’s a project for every skill level, and if you’re finding yourself a little bored on the weekends why not build an Adirondack chair, or a custom-designed coffee table that fits perfectly in your lounge room.

Give it a go, and with any luck, when the guests compliment your furniture, you’ll be able to say ‘I built that’.

For sale: 7/104 Barkly Street, St Kilda, VIC


Once you’ve decked out your home with these must have items, If you’re still keen for more ways to update your space check out these five home improvement trends to try in 2016.

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Kate Smith

Kate Smith is a content producer at Brosa, who uses her background in interior design to help people make the most of their homes. A busy mother of two, Kate divides her time between decorating hundreds of properties, styling product shoots and writing articles for Brosa’s blog, like the recent Eco Design Tips. For this post, Kate enlisted the help of Brosa's lead designer Kelly King. Outside of work, Kate is a big fan of comfy beds and summer ice-creams.

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Definitely agree with the combined bed with storage item. Saves heaps of space, especially in a small unit! Something you’ve built yourself is also a great touch to your home

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