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Holidays are the one thing we all look forward to. It helps us unwind from the intensity of work and everyday stresses. Today we suggest some great ways to style your holiday home where you may be for the weekend.

  • Make it a vibrant surrounding. Making your house full of vibrant colours and images will instantly make you feel like you are on holiday when you arrive
  • Why are you on holiday? Generally it is to unwind, having some leisure activities like books, arts and crafts and some hobby activities will help you relax.
  • Mood lighting. Having dimming switches on your light is a great way to set the mood, this will ensure you are not overexposed to strong overbearing light.
  • Clutter free. There is nothing than having clutter all around you. It will make you uneasy and feel uncomfortable. Ensuring that your room is well spaced and it avoids clutter will ensure you feel refreshed when you are down there.
  • Furniture designs. Furniture should reflect the mood that you want the room to feel like, having an array of furniture is essential and it can be a great idea to use furniture from past homes. Ensuring you are comfortable and have an array of options is essential.
  • Choose accessories carefully. Create illusions. Mirrors can be a great way to make rooms feel bigger when they are smaller in space, which holiday homes tend to be. Other options can include painting the walls a very light colour, using storage furniture to put objects away and having built in shelving allows you to place items on display and out of the way.

Your holiday home should be a place to relax, unwind and recharge. Using these tips should make it a more desirable place and one that makes you feel great for when you head back to the hussle and bussle of the city!

Want to find a great holiday destination? Why not ask some locals who know the area you are looking at heading to best!

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