5 ways to introduce beautiful natural materials into your home

Kacey Mya
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You may live in an extremely modern and sleek new home or apartment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a touch of the natural world to your everyday surroundings.

Not only are natural materials and textures on-trend and versatile, but they also bring a much-needed sense of warmth, calmness and homeliness to any plain space.

After all, a house isn’t truly a home until you bring it to life with your own personal touches. Add your own sense of serenity to your abode by bringing the natural world inside in the following ways.

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Use timber as a transformative piece

While you can buy furniture and home accessories in almost any colour, shape or size, always opt for wood when you desire a warm and natural appeal.

As no piece of timber is the same, timber provides a unique natural look while offering a durable and practical piece of furniture in the process.

Best of all, there are different finishes, including reclaimed, varnished or untreated, and various types of wood to choose from, including oak, pine and cedar, to suit all tastes and budgets.

In the kitchen consider adding some floating timber shelving for additional storage, rustic timber stools or undertake a timber makeover to create an eye-catching splashback design.

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Cladding walls and ceilings in timber panelling will also instantly up the ‘cosiness factor’ of any room.

Go neutral

When you bring natural elements into your home, you need the ambience of your space to match the calming vibes of the objects you’re introducing. When it comes to producing harmony between all your home’s features, nothing brings coherence and restfulness quite like a neutral colour palette.

Choose a beige, white or untreated timber finishes to enhance a natural vibe. Loud colours may clash with the natural materials you select, so it’s always best to stick to mostly neutral hues when decorating.

Rugs crafted from natural fibres, such as sisal, jute or hemp, are the perfect addition to flooring to add an interesting textural element that’s in keeping with a neutral colour scheme.

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When selecting natural stone elements for bench tops and flooring, stick to whites, beige tones and light greys to keep the airy relaxing neutral feel flowing throughout your home.

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Opt for a rustic design

One of the best ways to bring natural materials into your home is by incorporating them into an overarching theme that ties everything together. Choose a rustic design to enhance the simple earthen styles that define the natural world.

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Not quite sure how to bring the rugged yet natural beauty of a simple rustic theme into your home? Start off by introducing a few raw timber elements, such as an artistically arranged pile of firewood, exposed beams, an upcycled timber pendant light, repurposed window shutters or a charming barn door.

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Ready for a drastic change to your home’s exterior? Create a rustic look by updating your shingles or by replacing your siding. Certain materials like cedar, teak wood and composite wood are great options to use for the exterior of your house to keep up the kerb appeal and longevity of your home’s external structure.

Bring in the real deal

Sure, artificial plants are easy to maintain — but they don’t quite offer the natural feel and benefits of real greenery.

Potted plants and flower bouquets bring the indoors into your everyday surroundings while offering a fresh lively aesthetic.

If you’re worried about giving your plants the attention that they deserve, opt for an easy-to-grow indoor succulent that needs minimal watering or special conditions to thrive.

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Many homeowners desire a space that promotes both inspiration and wellbeing. By bringing natural elements into your surroundings, you’re well on your way to duplicating the peace and serenity in nature within your own home.

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