Cool study ideas & why you should work from home

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3 min readHave you ever thought about how many hours you spend travelling to work? Whether it be a start-stop traffic session, or a shorter smoother route, the time spent sitting in your car each day adds up significantly over a lifetime. And by significantly I mean years. Yes, entire years of your life spent driving!

Want to find out how many years it adds up to? Read on!

This online calculator works out how many years in your life you’ll spend commuting to work. It also estimates the total amount of money you’ve spent on transport fares or petrol, and then lets you know what kind of house you could have bought with that money instead. Inspiring huh?

I decided to give the Magic Calculator a go. Here’s the stats. From now until the age of 70, the calculator tells me I’ll spend approximately 2.6 years sitting in traffic! That’s 963 days, of which I’ve already used an estimated 19 days. Great comfort, only 944 days to go! Aside from my individual figures, I’m also told the average Australian spends 58 minutes a day in traffic!

This makes the idea of working from home more often seem all the more wonderful. Imagine if you could have those years of travel back. They would become time you could spend with your friends and family. Time relaxing or working on side projects *BLISS*. Time doing anything but sitting in a car doing 7km/h.

Wondering how you can add a home office to your home? A lot of people wish for a home office but don’t have the space or resources in their current house. You could repurpose an existing room or nook in your house, convert a corner of the living room, or add a home office in your backyard! This option is fast, easy and economical, and also adds significant value to your property.

Once you’ve chosen where to set up your new home office, just add a few key elements to create the perfect space for productivity, creativity and focus! Start with a sturdy desk and a comfortable chair, and then layer on colours and accessories to suit your taste to make the space somewhere you enjoy being. Scroll down for some inspiring home office photos to wet your whistle… now get ready to hit those targets and smash your career goals all from home!

5 super cool home offices that’ll make you never want to venture into the office again:

1. A home office with a spell-binding view.

For sale: 21 John Gray Close, Terrigal, NSW


2. When working from home you occasionally may need a comfy place to lounge on breaks.

For sale: 36 Gloucester Street, Prospect, SA


3. A private detached studio office with peace and quiet and room to think. 

98 Sydney Street, Willoughby, NSW


4. A breezy light and bright home office that brings the outdoors and fresh air in.

For sale: 4 Hargrave Street, Paddington, NSW


5. A study with plenty of in-built storage to make organisation a cinch.

For sale:  3 Talbot Avenue, St Kilda East, VIC


For more on how to set up your very own functional and stylish home office check out our 6 step guide and these five essential home office elements to boost productivity and stay motivated.

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Laura Jayne
Laura Jayne is the Content Coordinator at Melwood Cabanas and Garden Rooms. She loves connecting with clients, and helping them to find the ideal backyard building to suit their lifestyle. When she’s not doing that, she’s blogging, commenting and chatting on all things backyard-related. Company bio: Melwood Cabanas and Garden Rooms have been specialising in pre-fab, portable backyard cabanas since 1976. All Melwood cabanas come with a solid 10 year warranty, a dash of Aussie pride and a whole lot of character. Installation in Sydney Metro is fast and free.

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