Too many people

if you live up by the dam then good for you. the rest of us stuck in the hood have dero neighbours like tongans and indians who throw litter straight on the ground without a thought of guilt. true.
as soon as an old house goes for sale its knocked down to build low quality too many units. you cant cross the road any more theres so much through traffic.
theres usually a burnt out car appear in the street every weekend. a guy was murdered a month ago and found on the pavement. coles has the worst quality food in the beaches. theres always someone on their balcony blowing smoke in your bedroom while you sleep. and often some junkie/alco neighbours having a public slanging match every 2 months.

if this is the governments plan to double population by 2050, they can f---- off as far as im concerned. our standard of life is going backwards.

having siad that at least your near the beach heres, and theres plenty of parks and bike tracks.
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