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3 min readWhen you are shopping online for that perfect house, nothing is more distracting than fighting banner ads as you browse through photographs and descriptions.

The Homely website maximises the ease of your search. You don’t have to fight those banner ads anymore. They give you a fresh, clean experience that will be instrumental in helping you to find your next home. 's focus on User Experience is central to how they offer you the tools to search for your new home. ‘s focus on User Experience is central to how they offer you the tools to search for your new home.

How to use Homely to help you as much as possible: 

When you shop for a house, look for that home that you can see yourself and your family living in for a few years. Buying and moving are time-consuming, and you don’t want to move too often, since it can also be expensive. Spending time in the home you buy now will also give it a chance to appreciate in value, as the housing market continues to rebound.

Choose a house that will be able to adapt if your life changes. Perhaps you are starting a family, or adding a new baby to the family you already have. Having a house that is large enough will save you from house hunting in the near future.

Be Flexible in Your Search

Look at homes with rooms that may serve more than one function. In this way, the house will stay functional as years pass. Open style floor plans are quite adaptable. Kitchens that have an unobstructed view to the family room are helpful when your children are little, so you can cook dinner and still keep an eye on them.

What style of house will best suit you? Single-family homes will work well if you are prepared to do your own mowing and maintenance, but if you’d prefer to have those taken care of, perhaps you’d be happier in an apartment.

 Editing the variables in your search will ensure you cover all options and get that one step closer to finding your perfect home.  Editing the variables in your search will ensure you cover all options and get that one step closer to finding your perfect home.

Find a Real Estate Agent for Your Needs

Choosing an agent can be as easy as selecting a movie – and Homely makes it just that simple with their Find an Agent function. You can check Australian real estate agents to uncover their ratings, their specialties and the best ways they can help you. Click here to find your local real estate agent.

You can choose your real estate agent based on:

  • Homes for sale
  • Homes for rent
  • Most reviews
  • Highest rated
  • Lowest rated
  • Total homes listed
  • Top local experts

Reviews and Ratings for Suburbs and Neighbourhoods 

The area in which you choose to live is as important as the house you choose. Think about the type of neighbourhood for which you are looking. For example, the perfect neighbourhood for a family with young children might be a bad match for an elderly couple who prefer their quiet time.

Even if you are single now, the local school system is important. It can help in raising the property value of the homes in the neighbourhood. Living close to shopping and parks is also important to many buyers. And if you want to ask a specific question about a neighbourhood or school, you can do so here.

Have Questions? Get Answers

If you are curious about any aspects of a home or suburb, ask locals who know, or real estate professionals through the community. In our Q & A platform, you can find the answers to whatever might be on your mind. This will help you select the perfect house.

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