Have you ever experienced the onerous task of searching for a new home to rent or buy with friends, housemates, your partner or anyone else? It can take over your life as you spend hours upon hours cutting and pasting property URLs into numerous email threads, group chats and spreadsheets. Trying to keep track of it all can be a total nightmare. Let’s face it, searching for a home with others can sometimes feel like you’re walking on quicksand.

This is where Collections comes in. Collections is a new tool exclusive to homely.com.au that takes the stress and time-consuming leg work out of searching for homes with others.

What sets collections apart?

a) It’s the first truly collaborative real estate search tool– You can easily invite your friends and family to view, add to and change properties in your Collections. All you need is their email address and you’re good to go. Once added to your Collection every group member can add and remove listings from your collaborative search efforts at their leisure.

b) It’s super fast- Collections speeds up your property search by putting all the homes you’re considering in one handy place. No more wasting time cutting, pasting, messaging, emailing and doubling up on property URL links. Collections also instantly updates each member invited to a Collection, so everyone is kept in the loop whenever new properties are added.

c) It’s fun- If lusting over stylish interiors with your mates, fantasising about dream homes with your partner or collecting renovation inspiration is up your alley, you’ll have a lot of fun putting together and sharing out your different Collections. There’s no restrictions on the number of homes you can add, or the number of Collections you can create, so the sky’s the limit!

How do I get started?

Step 1. If you haven’t already, you’ll need to create a free user account on homely.com.au. After you’ve done that, just tap on the heart icon in the top right hand corner of any listing on your results page. Then select ‘Create a collection’ and name your first collection (e.g. ‘Amazing Houses’, ‘Luxe Apartments’ or ‘Character Homes’) and hit ‘Save’.

Step 2. To view all of your hard work and saved listings, simply go to the Collections dashboard in the top right hand corner of the page. Your Collections will appear in created date order, with your newest Collections appearing first.

Step 3. From your Collections dashboard, you can invite a friend to join a Collection by tapping the red ‘+’ icon on the Collection you wish to share. Enter their email address, hit ‘Send invite’ and you’re off and running.

Remember that Collections aren’t just for finding homes to buy or rent. You can use them to get inspired for renovation and interior design projects, keep tabs on home styles you fancy, and share some of Australia’s most expensive listings. So many possibilities!

Start collecting and sharing beautiful homes here today.

Happy house hunting!

From the Homely Team


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