10 things that’ll make you want to move to Noosa

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Noosa on the Sunshine Coast is well known for its beautiful beaches, trendy cafes and sophisticated boutiques. It’s well known as being one of Australia’s most desirable holiday destinations. But, why stop at a holiday? Why restrict yourself to just a few days of joy when you can immerse yourself in it as a way of life?

Here’s a stack of reasons why Noosa should be your next move.

20 Tropicana Rise, Castaways Beach, QLD

1) Improve your mental health.

The natural world has a calming and healing effect and sharpens performance. Research shows that depression, anxiety, heart disease, diabetes, asthma and migraines occur at a lower rate among those who live within around half a mile of green space. You can do your overstressed brain a favour by moving closer to nature.

2) Biosphere status.

The Noosa Biosphere Reserve encompasses an impressive 87,000 hectares of land and several waterways. It extends approximately three kilometres seawards. This is a really unique offering. And, perhaps unsurprisingly, it shines a light on the kind of people Noosa attracts. There’s a huge focus on sustainable living. In Noosa, they take the biosphere so seriously there’s even a governance framework that was developed in 2014 to ensure it stays on track fulfilling sustainable goals. The plan is for zero emissions by 2026.

3) Boost your creativity.

Not only does nature lower stress, but research also shows that nature relieves attention fatigue and increases creativity. In Noosa, your creativity will be stimulated and your soul will be stirred.

4) Unique homes.

From circular homes to quirky designs, Noosa is a great spot to find something a little out of the ordinary if you’re looking for that extra wow factor in your living environment.

4 Grosvenor Terrace, Noosa Heads, QLD

5) Surfing.

Noosa Festival of Surfing has established itself as the leading surfing cultural event. It’s the biggest surfing event in the world by competitor numbers with around 900 entries from 20 regions in 2017. This is a whole week of fun and entertainment for surfers, their families and draws fans from all around the globe. Expect live bands and cold evening beers by the beach.

6) Family friendly.

Noosa is great for families of all ages; whether you have a young family, are looking to start one, or you’re after a wonderful spot to retire and make sure your family always wants to come and visit. Many people who loved Noosa in their childhood come here to retire – they want that Noosa magic every day!

7) Ions.

The human body’s magnetic field is made up of both positive and negative ions. Over-exposure to positive ions is caused by electrical equipment, computers and mobile phones. All of those things that are rife in the city actually affect our magnetic field and drain energy. Always feeling tired or lethargic? This could be why. Water in motion produces negative ions which make us feel more energised. Not just a few, in abundance! That’s why a walk along the beach, watching the waves as they come crashing in, can give you a boost. We inhale these negative ions and when they reach our bloodstream they produce reactions, which increase levels of serotonin. That’s the feel-good mood chemical. So, the air from the ocean can nourish and heal.

8) Get sporty.

Noosa supports a whole range of sports and fitness activities for those looking to improve their health. The Noosa triathlon is Australia’s highest profile triathlon event and the largest Olympic distance triathlon in the world. Over 8500 competitors take part. The multi-sport festival is a five day hallmark event that celebrates sport, healthy lifestyles, fitness and fun!

9) Dump the urban grind.

Are you done with the rat race? Tired of city-living? It may be time to ask yourself why you’re choosing to put yourself through the relentless, draining urban grind when you can make a sea and green change in one go. Imagine a dream office (complete with high speed fixed wireless broadband) with stunning views of the surrounding scenery. Imagine waking in the morning, not to the sound of traffic but the soft melodic birdsong of honeyeaters and magpies. The daily show of beauty and nature in Noosa is enough to give even the greatest landscape painters goosebumps.

10) Food, glorious food!

Noosa is home to some amazing chefs; their restaurants are one of the key reasons Noosa is such a popular tourist destination. There are incredible award-winning restaurants and cafes in this region. Many use local suppliers for fresh, first-class organic produce. From Hastings Street to the beachfront, you’re really spoilt for choice. The Noosa Food and Wine Festival is a showcase of this incredible local talent.

This escape to the country by the coast is not about running away from it all; it’s about elevating your lifestyle to the next level. So, what are you waiting for?

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Cameron McNeill
Cameron McNeill is a proud member of the Villa Prestige Property team on the fabulous Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia. He has always been a lover of fine properties and inspired architectural residences and having owned two award-winning apartments in Brisbane, he made the 'tree and sea change' to Noosa Heads to take up residence in a magnificent property called 'Nautilus' to live in nature by the sea.

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