I live on Glossop Street, North St Marys. Please help me by signing my petition.

Although they have slightly tidied the front yard, there is still metal dangling from the side of the yard, next to the park where children walk though daily.

There is a constant stench of urine and dog poo coming from the rear of the property. I have peeked over and there are dead mice/rats on the ground that their dogs play with and I am sure they have probably eaten them before. The dogs are an Alaskan breed and are missing fur everywhere. I don't even think they have been groomed/washed for some time. They sleep on top of boats and cars that are stored there. A surrounding neighbour has in the past called RSPCA about the welfare of the animals, but nothing has come of it.

There are still a stack of bricks and rubbish stored in the front yard, but they have now been covered by a huge blue tarp. Which looks worse than the bricks showing.

I have even tried knocking on the door and speaking with them myself. I have knocked and they just don't answer and I know they are home and can hear me knocking. The just ignore me. All of the neighbours that surround number 74 have the same issue. One has before approached them and was greeted by an extremely rude middle aged woman, who just glared at him.

Because of the state of their home, I haven't been unable to secure a good price to sell mine. Which I am absolutely devastated for. My family and I would like to move up north and cannot do it unless we sell our property.

I am so disgusted with Penrith Council, as I have received a letter of complaint about where I positioned a trailer last year. I had to move it because that upset someone.

I absolutely love living in North St Marys and after 23 years of living here I will be very sad to leave. My children have been raised here and now my grandson will be.

Despite this experience, which I have endured the entire time I have lived here, I love the community spirit and the love that the community has for one another.

I ask you all to please sign the petition and demand them to clean their property not only for me but for the entire community.
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lisaf21 Oct 23, 2020
U can also go to the mp in queen street
The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Homely.com.au.

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