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"great place"

wonderful place to visit. the boardwalk is beautifully constructed and a credit to the island. the views from there are spectacular and if lucky ,like we were, you will see whales. its an easy walk around and nice to see kangaroos as well. when I walked a mother was feeding her baby. the bakers shop does yummy pies and sandwiches and Connor who works there did a great job all by herself of serving everyone, making sandwiches, making coffee, all in a very pleasant and efficient manner. she needs a gold star.

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"White Sand Wet Water"

Straddie, as it's known by most Queenslanders, is the closest thing you can get to perfection. It's quiet, has a great pub, plenty of camping locations, miles of white sandy beaches with nobody on them and has excellent fishing. The fresh water lagoon is a must for families, with some beautiful places to picnic. The ferry crosses over the water most days and can carry your car, but 4wds are recommended. If you want a little luxury, try one of the newer resort type accommodations, but most visitors are happy to rough it in peace. The locals are incredibly friendly and there are grocery shops and the like for convenience. House prices are still quite respectable, just as long as you are okay with the relative isolation. In saying that, I've known people who commute from Straddie to Brisbane everyday...

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While big and beautiful, Straddie is a notorious Schoolies Week venue when drunken school leavers take over holiday houses and disturb the peace. This island would be better is real estate agents would vet and monitor holiday rental tenants more rigorously. Apart from that, the island is lovely and each township quite distinct. Point Lookout's Main Beach is something of a mecca for surfies and beach fishermen.

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