Best streets in Fitzroy North

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Ranked 1st best street in Fitzroy North

"Great position away from the riff raff of Fitzroy"

- PepperA
Quiet street in a great suburb, close to the best in Melbourne.
-37.7784046767 144.9810923795
Ranked 2nd best street in Fitzroy North

"I love visiting this street"

- CommunityMan
I used to visit friends who lived on this street, uni students and assorted musos and artists who had an enormous share house. There's not enough parking as it's a narrow old st but it does feel alive...
-37.7832199601 144.9823764551
Ranked 3rd best street in Fitzroy North

"A good place for young couples"

A wide tree lined street in the hub of Fitzroy North. With close access to public transport on both St Georges Rd and Nicholson Street, it is a very short journey into the heart of the city, Lygon st...
-37.7784217522 144.9816524551

Holden St

Ranked 4th best street in Fitzroy North

"One of the best streets in NorthRoy"

- CommunityMan
I lived here for a couple of years in the lovely leafy east end cul de sac of Holden St. It's really quiet around here (though you can hear the train coming over the nearby bridge over Merry Creek) bu...
-37.7797809599 144.9846577383
Ranked 5th best street in Fitzroy North

"Lived here for four years and love it"

- sase
I laughed reading one of the below reviews. I don't know when it was written but it's not like that here at the monent (2018). I have lived (rented) at two separate town houses on this street. It's a...
-37.7832916771 144.9838790967
Ranked 6th best street in Fitzroy North

"Great for a young couple, however is not idea for children"

- peter
Have been broken into once in 2 years and pickup needles a couple of times a year from the front gutter. However is close to a great park, and extremely close to Brusnwick St. If you have a pet, you...
-37.7906648663 144.9798766059
Ranked 7th best street in Fitzroy North

"Noisy Street - Great location"

- Darren McCoy
its a noisy street, and living here means the house gets dusty all the time - errch, the house isnt clean. The front bedroom is noisy with car noise, but the rest of the house - well, i don't notice t...
-37.793362791 144.9801771342
-37.7827834636564 144.986592771556 7