Best streets in Inala

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Veronica St

Ranked 1st best street in Inala

"Very good and convenient location"

- Tea Tree
Veronica is a short street backing to the McEwan park, a playground and a sports green, with tall gumtrees on the background. Very close to a bus stop connecting to Oxley train station, childcare and...
-27.5913295014 152.9623186889
Ranked 2nd best street in Inala

"Leafy and quiet"

- Tea Tree
Crocus is a long, yet quiet street. It is leafy and flood safe. Close to bus stops, shops, schools, parks, doctor facilities and eating-out places.
-27.5881073596 152.9760200483

Veronica Rd

Ranked 3rd best street in Inala

"Very convenient location"

- Tea Tree
Veronica is a short street and is close to all the necessities: public transport (bus connecting to Oxley train station and the large local shopping centre), shops, childcare, doctors, restaurants/tak...
-27.59031 152.96278
Ranked 4th best street in Inala

"A gem"

- Tarquin
This street is long. It has some spots which look like serious gardeners live in the homes there. Some landscaped gardens with hedges and perfect lawns. The best thing about this street and it's ne...
-27.6038526532 152.976115671
Ranked 5th best street in Inala

"Leafy street along the ridge"

- Tea Tree
Buddleia is a longish street running along the top of the hill ridge, which means no flooding. It is quiet, green and leafy. Good access to buses, shops and schools.
-27.58938 152.96544
Ranked 6th best street in Inala

"Convenient location"

- Tea Tree
A relatively short street running from the ridge if the hill down to a Lange park. Close to bus stop, childcare, moderate walking distance to schools, childcare, shops and a few eating places.
-27.591802492 152.9646819343
Ranked 7th best street in Inala

"Skylark Street Shops"

- Talbot
In an era when developers are forcing the closure of small local shops, trying to make gigantic central shopping centres, Skylark Street Shops is thriving against that pressure. This is so important...
-27.60315 152.97982
Ranked 8th best street in Inala

"Wirraway Parade - A Hub for Services to Inala"

- Talbot
Awarded 'Queensland's Top Practice,' Inala Primary Care family health care centre is located on Wirraway Parade. Wirraway Parade is one of the hubs for the Inala Civic Centre with its busy Bus Centre...
-27.6003 152.97457
Ranked 9th best street in Inala

"What An Odd Street"

- Dacey
Don't let the review title put you off this street. It is only odd due to the layout as you can see in the map. Quiet street with not much traffic and has easy access to the Civic Center via Partridge...
-27.60516 152.97341
Ranked 10th best street in Inala

"It's like the good ole days"

- ianh6
Awesome place to live.. It's not perfect but very close to it. My Mum has lived in the street for over 10 years. No traffic. Lots of parking. Great community spirit.. Kids playing cricket on the road...
-27.59961 152.98386
-27.5963046538351 152.969741806192 7