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Ranked 1st best street in Kyogle

"Kamala Avenue"

- PRDnationwideKyogle
Kamala Avenue is situated in Cedar Ridge Estate in the area known as Highfield. Kamala Avenue is an attractive culdesac in a friendly neighbourhood. Kamala Avenue is a relatively new subdivision consi...
-28.63724 152.9957

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Kyogle Road


"Kyogle Road"

- PRDnationwideKyogle
Kyogle Road is a main road linking Kyogle and Murwillumbah. Kyogle Road begins at the northern end of Kyogle off Summerland Way. Kyogle Road has approximately 35 residences and 3 unit blocks within th...
-28.616667 153.006871

"Anderson Street"

- PRDnationwideKyogle
Anderson Street Kyogle is located to the North East of Kyogle in the area known by locals as "Homestead". Anderson Street Kyogle has approximately 26 residences. Some of the homes in Anderson Street K...
-28.6157810373 153.0094469941

"Walters Street"

- PRDnationwideKyogle
Walters Street is a small street that runs off Anzac Street and connects to Willis Street. Walters Street provides access to Norco Rural Store and has approximately 5 residences.
-28.6213698395 153.0008272954

"Carrabean Court"

- PRDnationwideKyogle
Carrabean Court is located at Cedar Ridge Estate in the area also known as “Highfield Estate”. Homes on the Southern side of the ridge have privilege to some of the most spectacular rural views to th...
-28.63677 152.99714

"Wyangarie Street"

- PRDnationwideKyogle
Wyangarie Street Wyangarie Street is home to Kyogle Swimming Pool and WHK Accountants. Wyangarie Street has approximately 8 residences and a block of units.
-28.62326 153.002282

May Street


"May Street"

- PRDnationwideKyogle
May Street is another one of Kyogle’s streets with views. Starting at Campbell Road and running to the base of Fairymount and connecting with Irwin Street and Greer Street. May Street has approximatel...
-28.618354311 153.0070427676

Merrigan Rd


"Merrigan Street"

- PRDnationwideKyogle
Merrigan Street is accessed via Boorabee Street is a quiet street with a rural feel located at the southern entry of the Kyogle township. Merrigan Street has approximately 17 residences some of which...
-28.64024 153.00519

"Crockfords Lane"

- PRDnationwideKyogle
Crockfords Lane running parallel to the Summerland Way provides rear access to commercial buildings and properties on Groom Street. Crockford lane is entered via Geneva Street or Stratheden Street and...
-28.6219892 153.0047413

"Chauvel Street"

- PRDnationwideKyogle
Chauvel Street provides access to Don Gully Oval – home to the “Cockies” Kyogle Rugby Union Club and sporting grounds. Chauvel Street has approximately 5 residences.
-28.62398 152.99975

"Bloore Street"

- PRDnationwideKyogle
Bloore Street runs adjacent to the main street (Summerland Way) and can be accessed via Wyangarie Street, Plant Street or Geneva Street. Bloore Street is within easy walking distance to the Central Bu...
-28.62121 153.00232

Moore Street


"Moore Street"

- PRDnationwideKyogle
Moore Street is home to Homestead Store, formally a general store Homestead Store now operates as a computer repairs and retailer. Moore Street has approximately 12 residents and is located in the Hom...
-28.6163154996 153.0075755223

"George Street"

- PRDnationwideKyogle
George Street provides access to the southern end of Ettrick Street and the bus bay for Kyogle High School. George Street has approximately 2 residences.
-28.62541 153.00151

Groom Street


"Groom Street - A Sought After Address"

- PRDnationwideKyogle
Groom Street – possibly Kyogle most sought after address. Groom Street is within easy walking distance to Schools and the main street. Groom Street has many original timber homes the majority of which...
-28.6258 153.00497

"Morphett Street"

- PRDnationwideKyogle
Morphett Street is located in the area known to Kyoglians as Homestead. Morphett Street is a quiet no through street that starts at Campbell Road and ends at the base of Fairmount. Morphett Street has...
-28.6173178298 153.0089415601

"Donald Street is a relatively short street"

- PRDnationwideKyogle
Donald Street is a relatively short street connecting Anderson Street, Curtois Street and Gardner Lane. Donald Street has approximately 5 residences.
-28.6171709807 153.0105671452

"Larkin Street"

- PRDnationwideKyogle
Larkin Street is home to the Kyogle Bowling Club. Larkin Street has approximately 16 residences. Larkin Street is accessed via Anzac Drive.
-28.61987 152.99741

"Wyangarie Street"

- PRDnationwideKyogle
Wyangarie Street is home to Kyogle Swimming Pool and WHK Accountants. Wyangarie Street has approximately 8 residences and a block of units.
-28.62403 153.00282

"Bundock Street"

- PRDnationwideKyogle
Bundock Street is located to the North East of Kyogle in the area known by Kyoglians as "Homestead". Access to Bundock Street is Via Kyogle Road. Bundock Street has approximately 19 Residences.
-28.61574 153.00711

Rous Street


"Rous Street"

- PRDnationwideKyogle
Rous Street is home to some of Kyogle’s most magnificent original timber homes. Rous Street is in an attractive and friendly neighbourhood, most of the residences having leafy and established gardens....
-28.62763 153.00357
-28.616667 153.006871 7