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Joybells Crescent
-37.8644 144.66189

"Great street, quiet location."

- Bliss
Quiet street, family friendly, great location, bus stop on nearby street aswell as the milkbar. Schools, kindergarten, childcare 10min walk, 2 min drive. Close to the River where you can take the ki...
-37.8689046832 144.6596636772

"Lovely Court if neighbours in street next door weren't feral..."

- Hays
Lovely court with normal people living there - too bad about the street next door - Delias Road - nosiy renters who don't care about whether their music is pounding at 2am or 6am - half the street liv...
-37.847652 144.656628

"Friendly and spacious"

- Wyndhamres
Small street, however confusion as people look for conservation drive. Plenty of accessable parks and walking tracks. Lovely neighbourhood with spacious blocks and good access to the city. Looking for...
-37.845747 144.689136

Rustic Way


"Great for peace of mind"

- aida
A quiet street, with potential for growth. It is in the prestigious estate of Claremont Park that offers a community style resort facility that includes three swimming pools, spa, a gym and much mor...
-37.847112 144.66594

"Rental Nightmare"

- Hays
Every house (or second house) is a rental - gardens are terrible and the noise - people have no respect for their neighbours - STEER CLEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-37.848553 144.657963

"Feral City"

- Woolpack
Used to live in this court and it is filled with ferals and cashed up bogans! The kids are out on the street making noise and carrying on till late and there is just no respect for neighbours with co...
-37.86893 144.6629

Tahlee Road

-37.846423 144.677339

"Review of St Margarets Court in Tarneit"

- lucky3
Great court, quiet neighbours, safe street, great place to live
-37.86276 144.66542

Leda Drive

-37.83954 144.697193

Unreviewed Streets

-37.84134 144.70506
-37.844281 144.676317
-37.8498860215 144.6676276778
-37.87041 144.6588
-37.84125 144.69947
-37.848477 144.664737
-37.837983 144.696926
-37.847971 144.666995

Atrium Dr

-37.87093 144.66256
-37.842359153 144.7041008879
-37.8642 144.65989 7