Best streets in Williamstown

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Ferguson St

Ranked 1st best street in Williamstown

"Just a short walk to the beach, restaurants, shops and publi..."

- GreenTreeFrog
Friendly neighbors and neighborhood, with rarely less than a ‘hello’ when passing anyone while going for a walk. Spoilt for choice when choosing which direction to walk, to the beach, along the stand...
-37.8583930221 144.8939938073

The Std

Ranked 2nd best street in Williamstown

"Fantastic amenities, tremendous views and a great community..."

There are only about 140 houses in all of Melbourne with views of the city over the water - of which 100 or so are on The Strand. The views are tremendous. Easy access to terrific recreational fac...
-37.8513237763 144.8978323736

Osborne St

Ranked 3rd best street in Williamstown

"Love it on Osborne!"

- moira
I first looked at moving to Osborne St 35 years ago. It didn't happen at that time, but I never forgot this lovely street. I moved here in 2001, and loved it. Built a house that has served us well fo...
-37.8658140226 144.8955237696
Ranked 4th best street in Williamstown

"Close to all the action"

- munnamm76
Granted, this street is near the train line, but it makes up for that by being bang in the middle between the shops and the beach. Just block from the Morning Star Hotel and 3 blocks from Nelson Pl,...
-37.8652232113 144.8967258829
-37.8632805749968 144.890203398557 7