Best suburbs in Central Highlands

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Ranked 1st best suburb in Central Highlands

"I own my own house on my own peice of land"

- guliec
Bought myself a gorgeous 2 bedroom cottage home on top of a hill over looking Soldiers Hill. I have cool neighbours on each side of me and they are both in their late 30’s with young families. I walk...
-37.5509383301743 143.858392000881
Ranked 2nd best suburb in Central Highlands

"Hidden gem of the Ballarat region"

- Scott22
This suburb strikes a balance of all of the good things many would be looking for in a nice suburb to live: - Is very close to the CBD (of Ballarat Central - with the v-line fast train to Melbourne...
-37.5620376303581 143.878979993886


Ranked 3rd best suburb in Central Highlands

"Ballan, New York, Paris? I wouldnt live anywhere else but i..."

- martin66
Ballan is a small country town with a population of around 3,000 people, located approximately 70 km's West of Melbourne along the Western Highway, It is the next town after passing Bacchus Marsh on t...
-37.5986926205479 144.225883903756


Ranked 4th best suburb in Central Highlands

"Close to everything"

- Rosesforyou
I came here some years ago because of proximity to the mountains. I'm a bushwalker so Ararat was the ideal starting point. I first rented here than bought a old house that was affordable. T...
-37.2814025467 142.9210936655


Ranked 5th best suburb in Central Highlands

"Alfredton is one of the best areas in Ballarat"

- LukeEllis
Alfredton's popularity is not accidental: there's a reason why it has achieved this! But there are two parts of Alfredton to be aware of - 'old' Alfredton, mainly subdivided in the early 20th century...
-37.5560465416758 143.807143159961


Ranked 6th best suburb in Central Highlands

"Great little pocket of Ballarat"

- Jamie Lee
Family and I moved here 5 years ago. It's a lovely suburb of Ballarat and withing walking distance to the CBD. Everything at your fingertips, quiet, friendly people, and right next to the Pony club wh...
-37.5780751202701 143.844328718356
Ranked 7th best suburb in Central Highlands

"Awesome town with AMAZING streetscapes"

- free4u
Ballarat is a sensational place to live as it has great infrastructure and services which is exactly what you would expect from a city. It has many great schools, Ballarart University and a number of...
-37.5626594204703 143.866047968058


Ranked 8th best suburb in Central Highlands

"The great escape"

- dawabl39
Not far from Ballarat is nestled a tiny little township amongst the rolling green hills called Gordon. As you drive into this little township you will fall in love with its scenic beauty, its peaceful...
-37.5567659002963 144.114379481561
Ranked 9th best suburb in Central Highlands

"Great place to live and invest"

- Giselle Jesse
Great sense of community with an ever growing population at a steady level to grow infrastructure. Easy commute to Melbourne either by train or drive. Amazing collection of cafe and culture (like a m...
-37.5621178323407 143.849836803582


Ranked 10th best suburb in Central Highlands

"Country town, still commuting close to Melbourne"

- JinnieB
The better pockets of Trentham are the larger blocks further out of the main township. There, you may enjoy the tranquility of the countryside and still make use of the amenity that Trentham township...
-37.4067213992534 144.311999401008


Ranked 11th best suburb in Central Highlands

"Amazing place!"

- adj
Wendouree is where the Aussie dream is still alive, (unlike the crazy melbourne), nice re-built and renovated wendoiree shopping centre, wendouree train station is near by and about to be upgraded and...
-37.5297941839609 143.829579516924


Ranked 12th best suburb in Central Highlands

"A gorgeous "country" town that is just outside of the city"

- regixc
Beautiful place, very relax lifestyle, great for bringing up children!
-37.588391182667 144.404884028056


Ranked 13th best suburb in Central Highlands

"Just beautiful"

- JonathanP
Nice and quiet. Great suburb, great people. Everyone just seems so friendly. The government has made some major investment in Sebastopol over the years. It's beggining to show. It has everything you n...
-37.5966216004067 143.843850141984


Ranked 14th best suburb in Central Highlands

"Welcoming small town, with easy access to Ballarat and Melbo..."

- shazbots
We moved here and couldn't be happier with our decision. Everyone has been so welcoming and the town itself is beautiful. With 2 young children to keep entertained there's so much to do exploring the...
-37.4184088191197 143.896143307824
Ranked 15th best suburb in Central Highlands

"Something for everyone"

- essendon43
There is a way around anything it lacks. That is the beauty of Bacchus Marsh. The shopping here is fine, basically whatever you need you'll find. Can't find it? Meltons Woodgrove shopping centre is 10...
-37.6749105712536 144.432681458029
-37.4763071526906 143.735422744946 5