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Port Pirie

Ranked 1st best suburb in Northern

"A town of Friendly people."

- Bob007
Friendly People, Affordable Housing, Everything close by."Should Benefit from Olympic Dam Mine expansion"
-33.1764105528517 138.009704159209

Coober Pedy

Ranked 2nd best suburb in Northern

"Coober Pedy"

- CutiePie
Nice place for a family holiday. Don't think i would like to live there as it is pretty hot. But otherwise nice to visit. People there are very friendly
-29.1975318150234 134.713916862798

Port Augusta

Ranked 3rd best suburb in Northern

"At the crossroads of great Australian adventures + very affo..."

- Scott22
Port Augusta has had a turbulent time over the last five years or so. It's economy was once driven by a (now shut down) Coal power station. And for a time, it seemed like the town ran the risk of dyin...
-32.4911506528433 137.776449043666
Ranked 4th best suburb in Northern

"Great mining town"

- jazzadog
Moved here 10 years ago, never looked back. Great wages and people :) Good primary school and kindergarden facilities
-30.5182508668123 136.88579576738


Ranked 5th best suburb in Northern

"Great little power town that punches above its weight"

- bluehotel
Friendly, industrial town surrounded by beautiful places on the coast and inland
-33.0356715812 137.5874399238
-31.8637501893211 136.770931427848 5