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Ranked 1st best suburb in South East

"A fabulous place to bring up children, safe and great school..."

- seachange
Naracoorte is the sort of place children can ride bikes, lots of sporting facilities and a big sporting complex with basketball, squash, tennis, soccer, football, netball and tennis. Primary Schools...
-36.9041655716944 140.663657609258


Ranked 2nd best suburb in South East

"Quiet town 10 minutes from Bordertown"

- Moona
Very family orientated town, and is visited by a lot of people from Bordertown. Mundulla Hotel is a great place for a meal as well
-36.4126509888209 140.609283222546

Kingston SE

Ranked 3rd best suburb in South East

"A jewel of the south east."

- rulesix
I like Kingston. Down on the coast with great views of blue ocean it is a nice spot. However, being so exposed to the ocean means when it blows, it really blows. While I was here it was really wind...
-36.8319320639712 139.851970239927


Ranked 4th best suburb in South East

""Poogy" as its know to the locals, is more of a landmark tha..."

- Moona
There are about 5 roads that intersect what is Pooginagoric, and there is only one house there, so I'm not really sure why its classed as a town.
-36.368171604737 140.835411063067


Ranked 5th best suburb in South East

"As the road suggests, the Bordertown racecourse is accessabl..."

- Moona
Races happen generally during the summer in Bordertown and at times, the middle of the racecourse is used to grow wheat
-35.9361679871989 140.818948132719
Ranked 6th best suburb in South East

"Small crayfishing village in south eastern south austalia"

- Moona
Very small village where a lot of crayfishing boats are moored during the summer months. If you are after fresh crayfish here, you can get some from where the fisherman drop them off during the summer...
-36.945877960499 139.783832627223
Ranked 7th best suburb in South East

"Bordertown A Great Country Town"

- Peter Dahlitz
Bordertown has Good Industry for a smaller country town and supported by Strong Agricultural Activities Bordertown has a Great Community Spirit with many Sporting Clubs, Service clubs and Religious g...
-36.3107233411592 140.767534479991
Ranked 8th best suburb in South East

"Health services are exceptional for country area"

- jayned
Mount gambier has a large comprehensive health service. The hospital has 96 public beds and a 17 bed private hospital. It delivers 550+ babies every year. It has a medical workforce of 60 doctors a...
-37.8331016706981 140.780152757879
-37.3224766986743 140.167036165234 5