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"The most liveable suburb in Brisbane"

We only discovered this place a few weekends ago. Having moved from Sydney three years ago, we had been meaning to drive out to Sandgate/Shorncliffe since we got here. I only wish we had driven over the day we arrived here, for we would most certainly have bought a house! Highlights are the foreshore (the playground is INCREDIBLE!), the beautiful streets and homes and every local we met at the park was super friendly. Lowlights were terrible coffee in both local establishments and a bit of a seaweed pong the day we were there. Locals assured us that this is not the "norm". We will be buying a house in Shorncliffe as soon as the appropriate home pops up in our favourite street! Not telling which one in case you become our competition!! Shorncliffe is worth a visit, that is for sure.

Who lives here?

  • Families with kids
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