Best area/streets in Springwood NSW 2777

Dear all,

Me, my wife and our 6 months old daughter - we are hoping to buy our first home in Springwood / Winmalee area.

Do you have any suggestions which streets would be the best? Any differences between the northern side of Springwood, vs the southern side in terms of safety, access to schools, parks etc? We are looking for some peace and quiet so would like to avoid anything near clubs, pubs or shopping centres.

Also, which streets in Springwood/ Winmalee area should we avoid (if any)?

Hoping to find something closer to the Springwood station, but if we cant afford it we are happy to move towards Winmalee. (Any thoughts on Winmalee? Looks like they have a primary and a high school).

Thank you in advance for any suggestions/ tips/ advice.

May all beings be happy.
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