Any reviews on the following streets: Sea, Breeze, Nelson, Albion, Birdwood, Lovell Rd, Connex

Am looking to purchase in the area in particular in the above streets. Any comments/reviews of the above streets (good, bad) would be appreciated plus walking distance (approx.) to shops such as Coles, Woolies etc
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I would personally keep with Nelson or Albion, which are both close to Coles and I personally think that the Ettalong Beach side of Ocean Beach Road is nicer. The closer to West St and (when looking at the map, the right hand side of Ocean Beach Rd) is preferrable in my opinion.

Umina has a reputation for drugs etc and the area being Central Coast's Mt Druitt. Let me just say that only people who have not lived here (or Mt Druitt) call it that. I am from the Coast, moved to Sydney and have now moved with my family to Umina. There are problems all over the Coast, as there is problems all over Sydney and to think otherwise is naive. The majority of people in Umina seem to be elderly people, and when crime does occur here, it is usually perpetrated by people who do not live here, but are from Sydney or other parts of the Coast. It is very rare to find a crime done in Umina is by a local resident. My advice is to subscribe to Brisbane Water LAC on Facebook as they will give updates on anything that takes place in and around here. The good thing about an investment property here is that prices have steadily been on the rise, we have noticed a huge increase in prices in the past 12 months. However, keep in mind, the rental may not be as high as other places, so you would need to weigh all of that up. I personally like living here as the pace, facilities, people are all great. The people I chat to (but may not know) when I am in the cafes or shops are all very nice. Good luck with your decision.
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