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"A very clucky, backwards country hike!!"

LOL!! Other reviews absolutely make me laugh!! Inverell is nothing more than a bigot filled ses-pool!! I regret ever buying a house here. The only upside is that we’ll have equity to buy a house elsewhere...and soon!! I’ve lived in the area for approx. three years now and have not liked one thing about it. Everyone is trapped in their own self ego, resistant to change or any other lifestyle. Very uneducated people!! My advice to anyone thinking of relocating to Inverell...don’t do it, you will regret it. There are 1000’s of other nice towns in NSW and Australia to raise kids and be happy. This is not one of them. We moved due to unfortunate family circumstances and can’t wait to get out.


'Everyone is trapped in their own self ego, resistant to change or any other lifestyle', what do you mean?
Were you tying to live your own life or make others changed theirs to suit yours? Very tricky to understand why someone perspective in life should reign others'.
You could be yourself whilst still thinking how to interact and do thinks around others. In the end, everyone is different as as long as they do not breach the law, individuals can definitely learn to live together.

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