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Laguna Avenue

"Angry Busy street in terrible area"

There are people constantly speeding down the street, blasting their stereos and their sound systems. Unless you have a soundproof house, you do not want to live here.
Too many neighbours are too busy trying to find out what you have behind each closed blind and window, and will continue to harrass you until you purchase a hybrid car or start smoking cigarettes.
We have people always knocking on our door asking for money, a lift somewhere, or cigarettes, with no intention of repaying said favours.
Too many kids riding skateboards and no one believes in wearing a shirt.
My advice is to run as fast as you can and not look back.

Who lives here?

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Incredible! I'm sorry you've had such a bad experience there. My experience over 12 years is totally different, especially now: I love Laguna Avenue on the lake. Ive watched the area change considerably and by design over the last 10 years and this is reflected in the different population moving into the area and increased numbers of families using the Lake for picnics and birthday parties. The housing has shifted from older single dwellings and to eco friendly townhouses and beautifully renovated homes. For location and convenience Laguna Avenue is unbeatable IMHO - and the coffee and food are great at the nearby cafes. II look forward to further improvements over time with more little shops and cafes. And no, I'm not "in real estate" - just a resident and owner :)

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