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"FANTASTIC for family life"

You can’t say you truly know a place until you live there, we moved to Ipswich about 8 months ago to buy our 1st home. There are fantastic rivers for fishing and swimming if you know the spots, Ipswich is defiantly growing with people moving here on a daily bases and new shops opening quite regularly. Some people are rough around the edgers but your have to remember where Ipswich is located; you are obviously not going to have a lot of men in business attire, the men out here are hard working labour types (along with a lot of the women) as that is the main type of work in and around Ipswich, Abattoir, Mining, Farming, Air Base and so forth. I have travelled and lived in a lot of places and the locals here are no different to anywhere else except maybe being a little more relaxed then people that in live directly in Brisbane and more down to earth then people that live on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast (lived in all 3 places + more). If you love the beautiful country and want to bring up a family with good schools then Ipswich is a great place to live, with helpful locals that still give you a wave as you pass on a country road, In my opinion Ipswich is cleaner and less polluted then the Gold Coast and Brisbane, and MUCH less crowded then the Sunshine Coast, as beautiful as it is. FANTASTIC for family life.

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