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Manta Court

"great for kids and safe"

today we live in a society where you cannot help who lives near you and yes there might be a woman with 6 sorry not 8 kids and housing but after the iniatial noise and yes swearing I thought to myself roght lets sort this out so I walked up introduce myself raised the issue about the noise and swearing let her know it was inappropriate and it needed to be curbed this is a great area and we all get on well, reply from the young woman involved I am sorry it wont happen again and it hasn't that was 8 months ago. People involved with the noise were actually visiting and have also been spoken to. People with nasty comments probably could not afford the mentioned house for sale which is beautiful so feel the need to give their opinion, and that is all it is there opinion, why not ask the other houses around and see what they have to say. Thats what I would do if I was to purchase a house somewhere. Whereelse can you know all your neighbours see the kids playing footy and cricket together have progressive dinners at one anothers homes, because that is what we do here we are a "community" and a great one at that. Brenda Hawkins and I am not scared to show my name

Who lives here?

  • Families with kids
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