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Port Adelaide

"The port, health lifestyle, healthy investment"

port adelaide is near the beach,,next to the port river which gives you access to great walking trails ,,fishing and costal living ,,has direct links with transpot to the city and is curently haveing about a one billon dollar face lift which will improve the quality of life in the port even more !!!
excellant place to live or invest !!!

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I like your attitude towards the port, but, I’ve got to say the opposite you... The area has tripled in price, but the crime rate is high, and centerlink and other government services that typically attract the lower class still remain a couple of streets over from housing trust and industry, all which are what border what they call the new port.

I am so hopeful for the port, but considering the government won’t make any efforts to reduce the commercial rental price or the possible re-location of the government services and practices that are attracting the impoverished, I have to say I would not recommend living in the port any time soon...

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