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Hurlstone Park

"Hidden Gem"

We bought an apartment here just over a year ago (start of 2020). We knew very little about Hurlstone Park when we moved here, we were looking at the inner west as a whole and chose based on a list of requirements we had and Hurlstone Park ticked the most boxes.

Getting to the city: During peak hour/day traffic, it's just a 17 minute train ride. During after hours, a 15-20 minute uber/drive. Hurlstone Park feels very quiet and suburban at times, but you are still very close to the city.

Parks & Schools: No matter where you live here, there will be nice parks & schools within walking distance in any direction. Yeo park or Ewen park in particular.

Hurlstone Park Village: We were pleasantly surprised by this, there's only 3 cafes and about half a dozen shops, but the 3 cafes are all amazing. Great food, great coffee, great atmosphere. All feel very local with everybody talking to everybody and the staff learn your names quickly. There's 2 pubs in Hurlstone Park (HP Hotel & HP-Canterbury RSL). Both are sports bars with very sports bar vibes. They both do great food though oddly enough, and are both nice enough to have a drink at. If you're into sports bars you will love them, if not then they are good enough if you don't want to travel.

Nightlife: One of our requirements was to be walking distance to a nice area with bars/restaurants/etc. Hurlstone park has none of this yet, in 5 or 10 (maybe 20) years it will as New Canterbury Road slowly gets redeveloped, but in the meantime Dulwich Hill is a lovely little town that's only a 10 minute walk away. It only has a handful of bars and restaurants worth going to, but they are there none the less. Friday/Saturday night they are all busy with a very nice city atmosphere.

Nightlife Part2: Summer Hill, Petersham & Marrickville are only a 5 minute drive/uber. Summer Hill is essentially a more gentrified Dulwich Hill, with a nicer selection of bars & restaurants. Marrickville was voted the best suburb in Australia and Petersham is always nice for a change. After these local places, you are only a 10 minute drive to Newtown or Leichhardt, and a 20 minute drive to the City/Surry Hills/Darlinghurst, so you have plenty of choice here.

Redevelopment: All the redevelopment is being done along New Canterbury Road/Canterbury Road, so Hurlstone Park itself will change very little over the coming years. There will be no through traffic, there will be change to the village feel of the area, there will just be more apartments, more shops/restaurants, more people and more money in the area.

Beaches: Probably the only downside. Botany Bay is 20 minutes away, but it's not really worth going to. The Eastern Suburbs beaches are only a 30 minute drive normally, but on nice days when the traffic to the beach picks up it can easy be 40 or 50 minutes.

Shopping: There's plenty around - Both supermarkets and retail. Ashfield is a 5 minute drive (Woolies/Coles/Aldi), Burwood Westfield/Marrickville Metro are 10 minutes, Broadway/Hurstville/Sydney CBD are 20 minutes. There's also local supermarkets closer.

10/10 - Recommend living here.

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