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6th July 2021

"A hidden gem of a suburb"

Plumpton is a very spaced out and quite suburb where you would expect to relax and disperse all the stress and tiredness accumulated after a long day of work or over the weekend. The neighbourhood is friendly and so quite that its a pleasure to lie on the bed and keep listening to the birds because of all the trees and not many vehicles to disturb them.

It’s a relief that the houses constructed here are so much better than the ones that are being built in the new suburbs which have very less plot size and hence less in space inside the houses. Due to less space, the rooms are lesser in size than actually required. The quality of houses here is also so much better than the ones in other established suburbs mainly due to very responsible and hard working people here who tend to their gardens regularly.

Now, coming to the connectivity. The M7 right beside the suburb is a boon to the people who want to drive to the city or want to connect to the north or North western suburbs(very quickly) and also a fairly quick drive to drive to the south or southwestern suburbs. The new Western Sydney airport being established is just a 20 min drive which is going to be just amazing for us families here! . Not to mention, we have our own Plumpton Marketplace, which many people from Penrith till Blacktown drive a long way to make use of due to Woolies, BigW and lot of shops and restaurants and cafes!. As a bonus, you can also reach the Sydney Business Park (Marsden Park) housing shopping warehouses such as Costco, Ikea, Bunnings, Home complex(Having a lot of shops) the complete list which you can see while driving into the park in 5 to 10 minutes from Plumpton!. The revamp of Rooty hill train station is a blessing to commuters who want to park their car int he newly developed parking complex and take a ride. This train station is again a 5 minute drive from Plumpton. If you need to visit a big mall for cinemas and hundreds of shops, cafes, outlets, restaurants , you have the Westfield Mall which is again 5-10 min from the suburb.

We have a wide selection of public and private schools over here to choose from. Private schools like Richard Johnson Anglican School has a good and competitive rating compared to other overpriced suburbs in the nsw schools comparison website.This school is also setting up its sister branch in Marsden Park.

Just loving this suburb every minute and inwardly being thankful that I have not paid a ridiculous amount of money for a smaller and couped up independent house complexes which are common in the new suburbs ( Know this having visited a numerous amount of my friends houses there)
At the end of the of the day, driving back home and looking at the houses around with their comfy lights on and neighbours enjoying quiet evening beer, I feel really happy that I made this decision to move here!

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Fantastic review davidtrish - thanks for sharing all the invaluable insights!!!!


I Agree Great Review, and as a local agent i hear a lot of proud home owners say similar things about the area and they can not agree more

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