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Seaford Meadows

"Extremely disappointed!"

We built our home just over 12 months ago now. Initially we purchased our block then selected a builder. Other than the fact land alone was $150k plus we thought it was very promising, beautiful parks, family suburb close to everything. HOWEVER Land SA or Fairmont Group failed to mention to the majority of us that housing trust houses were going to be allocated a percentage. To give you a rough idea theres 3 housing trust in every street I can see 7 where I am. I understand NOBODY knew this was going to happen so we bit the bullet and got in early. Soon to realise we had been decieted by the land developers. Its disgusting, I absolutely hate this neighbourhood & if I could financially afford to sell & leave I would in a heartbeat. My neighbours are nothing but rude and out of control, you can report them but you have to give your name & details you may as well knock on there door and tell them your reporting them. I wouldnt recommend it to anyone!!!

Not great for

  • Housing trust
  • Overpriced
  • The new shopping centre is 12 months away.
  • The new train line is not finished yet.

Absolutely correct. You have certainly hit the nail on the head. Bloody awful now!!! We moved to Aldinga Beach


"disappointed", if you really think Seaford Medows has all what you "mentioned", try going to Davoren Park, Elizabeth, Elizabeth Park, Elizabeth East, Blakeview, Smithfield, Smithfield Plains, Munno Para, Munno Para West, Craigmore, Salisbury East, Salisbury, Salisbury North, Brahma Lodge, Paralowie, Para Hills, Parafield Gardens and many more which are in the Northern suburbs, I suggest you check ALL THESE suburbs out and see if they are better than Seaford Medows. Because I'm telling you right now, they're NOT. And let's compare the Northern suburbs to Southern suburbs and see which neighbourhoods of the North are in the top 20 best suburbs in Adelaide? None in the north, most are either south or east. Next time before you open that big mout of baloney of yours, go to areas where they are ranked and are MUCH WORSE than Seaford Meadows. Shame on you

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